Chapter 16 - Lost in Middle-Earth

Elijah fluttered his eyes open. The place he was in seemed so quiet and serene, the only sound was a murmur of a distant waterfall. The silken sheets he lay in seemed nice and cool even though he'd been sitting in them forever. "Am I in heaven?" He breathed. Someone chuckled and he sat up.
"No, my boy, not even in the slightest bit." Sir Ian said talking around the wooden pipe which was in his mouth. "For the record, you're in the House of Elrond and it is ten o'clock in the morning. The date is October 24th, you're right on time, my young friend."
"What all happened?"
"Don't worry, you know just let it come back to you. You've read the books before."
Reality flooded over Elijah. He remembered the sting, the evil Nazgul, Glorfindel's bravery, the others fending for him with flame. He shuddered.
"Don't think, Elijah. You must rest, there is to be a banquet later." At the sound of the word food, Lij quickly dozed off again.
He awoke a few hours later and wandered out of bed over to the mirror.
Elijah's thin frame looked thinner in the night clothes. None the less, he crossed
his feet and spun around. "Hello, beautiful."
Sean came in the room. "Sure...." He said.
"Oh come on." Elijah smirked. "You know you love me. Let's go meet Billy & Dom. I want to see them again." Sean led Elijah out to a courtyard after his "master" had changed into something more acceptable.
"Ah look, it's Elijah, er, Frodo, our Lord of the Ring!" said Billy.
"Shut it, you fool of a Took!" Sir Ian added for kicks (or so Billy thought). "Don’t you realize the real one is in the Dark Tower of Mordor?! And he has spies everywhere!"
Billy nodded. "Yes, Ian's been this cheerful since we got here. But come now, there's an extraordinary meal."
"Not a meal you oaf." Dom said. "A feast!"
Billy shook his head. "I *hate* being the youngest one."
They walked into a long hall lit with fire. There was a table stretching the length of the hall and at one end sat Hugo, with Sir Ian on one side and Glorfindel on the other. Sir Ian was the shortest of the three but he looked elegant, like a wise King from a book. Hugo wore a silver circlet and his attire was different from when Elijah had seen him last. Then there was Glorfindel. Tall, strong, young (well, pretty much young) Glorfindel  was  sitting and laughing as if there were no Dark Lord. For a second, Elijah thought it was Orli, and realized it wasn't as soon as Glorfindel didn't understand his odd surfer sign language.
Elijah turned and kept walking, unaware Sean was walking with him. He stopped in his tracks right in front of the most beautiful and flawless woman he had ever seen, causing Sean to bump right into him.
Sean sighed. "Ah you've been captured by *Liv's* preternatural beauty. What would Franka say?"
Elijah rolled his eyes as Sean led him through a meager introduction, as if Lij was a new member at a Southern Baptist church. He tugged at Liv's long sleeve.
"Miss Arwen, this is my master, Mr. Frodo Baggins." Lij wondered why Sean was acting so weird but remembered that there were people not in the cast here. Liv stood up.
"What a wonderful pleasure it is to make your acquaintance, Mr. Baggins." She smiled. "And wonderful it is for you to be here Elijah." She added with a whisper then settled softly down.
"And now we know why Strider can't resist her." Sean muttered. "Come on."
Sean walked by, leaving Lij to do his own greetings.
"Hullo young Baggins." A gruff voice sounded. Lij spun around. "I'm Gloin, at
your service, the pleasure’s all mine."
"You're-you're THE Gloin of Thorin Oakenshield's party. YOU'RE Joh- I mean, Gimli's father!"
"How do you know Gimli?" Gloin snarled.
"Sorry. Uh, visited my room?" He smiled.
"Well. Glad to meet you." Gloin smiled again and walked off as Elijah breathed a sigh of relief.
After the dinner, Hugo and Liv led the way into the Hall of Fire, another wider area where there was to be much singing and instrument playing. Hugo went over to a silent figure and shook him. "Awake, sleepy head. You have company." The figure stretched and rose up its head. Elijah suddenly brimmed over with loving warmth.
"Bilbo!" He exclaimed and ran over to Ian. Sean soon also ran over to them.
They sat together. Soft music flowed from the instruments of elvish minstrels. It was quiet and the three friends conversed silently. Out of the corner of his eye, Elijah saw the real Orlando walk up to Hugo and whisper something in his ear. Elijah let his attention wander from the conversation, wondering what Orli had said. Hugo looked like he disapproved whatever Orli was begging but he nodded anyway. Orlando walked through the crowd of elves, dwarves, and the occasional human to the center of the room and the crowd moved back a bit giving him breathing room. He held up his hand to stop the instrumentalists and began to speak.
"I don't know about you, but I'm not in the mood for all that mushy, classical stuff right now." A few drew back and one elf maid nearly fainted. "And I had lots of time over the last few months, so I made up this little song." He winked at the audience and started his singing.
"Young elf, will you listen to me, I said young elf, you and your family,
 If you're lonely, take a good look at me there's no need, to, be, unhappy.
 It's fun to be with me Leg-o-las, Yeah! It's fun to be with me Leg-o-las, Yeah!
You can meet all my friends all you need to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys. Young elf, I was once in your place I said, young elf, you ain't a disgrace,
Just stay there, in the Mirkwood Forest, there's no, oth, er, place, to, be the best!
It's fun to be with me Leg-o-las, Yeah! It's fun to be with me, Leg-o-las, Yeah!
You don't need to blow, I've got my bow and arrows, There's no need to be UNHAPPY!" He did a jump kick and an air guitar solo ending with a slide across the slick floor.
There was no response.
Hugo folded his arms as Billy clapped cluelessly.
Orli turned maroon. "Okay, you can hit it again, maestro." He said and sat down.
Ian laughed. "That whippersnapper." He muttered. "It's so sad that we won't have time for his jokes in a while. Oh, speaking of your journey," he whispered. "Do you have the Ring?"
Elijah slowly nodded. He felt eerily shy.
"I'd like to see it very much. May I?" Ian said.
Lij felt the chain around his neck. He pulled it off and held it in his hand
"Come on dear boy, let me see it." Ian commanded. "Let me see it!"
Lij jumped back. His dear friend's face was mangled with want and hate. Ian put a hand over his face. "Oh dear. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. I'm sorry. So sorry." From that time on, Lij was very cautious of him.
Aragorn appeared in the room at that moment and led Ian out saying something about his wanting to go over a poem. After a while, they came back in. Ian walked up to the front and read a poem about the old days, Earendil and many other topics. The elves were mesmerized until the end. Then they clapped and smiled. "At least that was better than Prince Legolas' song. I thought princes were supposed to be elegant and refined." An Elf joked. Orli rolled his eyes.
Ian walked over to Lij and tapped his shoulder. "Let's go for a walk." He said
so Elijah got up and talked with him. The two friends talked for a long while in Ian's room.
When it seemed like forever and a day, Sean entered. "Ian, there's the council tomorrow and Elijah needs his sleep."
Ian nodded. "Of course, the council. Farewell, Elijah. I will see you again." Elijah waved and went back to his room with the murmur of the waterfall and the cool silken sheets and dropped off to sleep.