Chapter 15 - Lost in Middle-Earth

They galloped along just after the last of the Nazgul disappeared. Elijah tried to manage the pain, but not being the "strong, determined hobbit named Frodo" everyone thought he was, only his willpower made him stronger. A couple days down the road, he lay in a glade with the others, barely living, when he heard the quiet canter of an elven horse. He regained strength knowing that Liv, someone he knew and trusted would lead him to safety. A jingle of bells on the rein confirmed it, yes, Strider's beloved Arwen Evenstar was here to rescue him. Two feet in boots hopped from the pure white horse and strode over to them. Viggo smiled, "Good day."
"Good day to you also, my lord."
 Elijah leapt up. He wasn't expecting a male voice. Slowly, he turned around. There, standing before him, was a long, golden-haired elf smiling a very masculine smile.
"Way-wait, you're not Arwen!"
The elf threw back his head and laughed. "Of course I am not." He smiled. "The very thought! I'm Glorfindel and I reside in the house of Elrond Half-elven in Rivendell."
"Don't listen to Master Frodo, Glorfindel." Sean spoke up. "He's a bit delirious."
"Delirious? Why?" Glorfindel smiled again as if life was some gigantic game.
Viggo launched into the story of Weathertop and how the Nazgul attacked them. Glorfindel's happy face became distraught. "Then you must come with me
at once, my young halfling." He said.
"No. No." Elijah grimaced. His shoulder hurt again. "I won't leave my friends."
"You should, master." The worried Sam in Sean said. "What if you become
deathly ill?"
Elijah smiled. "Good old Sam, always looking out for me." He said. "I shall go. Let me get a few supplies." The others loaded one-fifth of their supplies onto Asfaloth (come now, you couldn't forget the steed's name), and soon the elf and the hobbit were off. The others disappeared as little black specks.
The two befriended each other and talked much on the road. One day, Glorfindel became quiet. Maybe it was the pine needle coated ground, but Asfaloth's trot also seemed softer. Elijah grimly remembered the answer to the quietness. A darkness settled on the bright day. Nine pairs of clomping hooves sounded behind.
Lij looked. Just the sight made his wound freeze again. "Noro lim, noro lim, Asfaloth!" Glorfindel cried. The Riders approached very closely. But the wonderful steed ran further ahead. Elijah was blind from the terror. He felt cool water, and knew they were at the Ford. Glorfindel set Elijah on the bank. Elijah breathed a sigh of relief, and then everything went black.