Chapter 14 - Lost in Middle-Earth

"Fear, Fire, Foes! Awake! Awake!" A cry came ringing up the Shire's countryside. Black hooded figures attacked the house at Crickhollow and nearly found Fatty.
Elijah started with fright from his sleep on the floor of the Prancing Pony. He smiled when he saw Viggo tending the fire and went back to slumber. But his sleep was not long. He woke again as Viggo shook the other hobbits. They all bleary-eyed followed Viggo into the bedroom. Sheets were slashed. The window glass was broken. Elijah's "head", or the door mat, had been ripped in two. Elijah nearly fainted in relief that it was not his head. They stumbled into the bar.
Butterbur was there, wide awake, making their very early breakfast. "I'll get Nob to
hitch up your horses." He said, laying out their breakfast.
"No use." Viggo shook his head. " I know that, I mean, we saw from the window
that no horses were in the stable." He quickly covered up. Nob entered.
"He's right, master. They're all either dead, or ran away."
"Would someone, perhaps, Bill Ferny, have a horse?" Sean said as he fiddled with a
strip of bacon.
"Yes, but it will take some heckling. Mr. Ferny is not the one to barter with."
Barliman said.
They set off to find Bill. It was not as hard as Nob had said. All the grumpy man stated was, "Don't want that fleabitten nag anyhow. Guess he's in like company."
After the arrival of Bill the Pony they started off. They passed Ferny's house again.
"Ooh look." He jeered. "It's the fleabitten na-" Before he could finish his sentence,
Sean threw an apple at his nose. It him square in the schnozz and he fell over
backward. The others looked astonished.
"Used to be a pitcher in Little League." He boasted.
For five days and nights, the newcomers walked and walked and walked. On the fifth day, the hobbits spied Weathertop in the distance. "Doesn't look a thing like the set." Billy muttered.
"Now you all know what to expect, right?" Viggo asked. The others nodded. "Now,
we know that they'll be after Elijah the most, so we've got to cover for him."
"But won't him not getting stabbed alter the story a bit?" Billy questioned. "Never
mind." He said after seeing Elijah's expression.
"I'll try not to get stabbed, but you know, whatever happens happens." He said. A
few days later, they reached the wretched peak.
Excess waste lined the border, and limp weeds grew in the brownish gray atmosphere. Tall, brave Strider even shuddered. "All right, set up camp." At about midnight, a wolf howled at the moon. A rock sounded as if it rolled off the cliff.
"What was that, man?" Dom piped up. The Nazgul lept up the side of the mountain
almost immediately. They howled a bonechilling cry and looked around, scanning
the horizon.
"Can they see?" Sean whispered, having forgotten since the last he'd read the book.
A Nazgul rushed towards them.
"No, but they have terrific hearing." Viggo yelled as he jumped out of the way. He
saw one begin to circle Billy and Elijah like a dark shark, emaciated, only searching
for flesh. Elijah fondled something in his hand that glittered like the sun. "No!
Elijah!" He yelled and slashed one with fire as it howled, he screamed again. "They'll
find you easier!" Deaf to this protest, Elijah put it on his hand and grabbed a sword.
Immediately, he saw an eye, bloody, gory, looking straight at him. He shut his eyes
then opened them again. Now he saw haunting pairs with muzzles to go with them.
They looked like really bad impressions of Tuskan Raiders from Star Wars. Just
then, he remembered a bit of rope he carried with him. He ran around tying it to every
treelimb and bush, circling the Riders. Then, taking off his ring, he gave the rope
end a sharp tug. The Black Riders were trapped in the middle as the hobbits and
Viggo threw torches at them. Once they had all collapsed in pain, Sean turned to Lij.

"So THAT'S what you did in all your spare time." He smirked. Elijah shrugged.
"A hobbit pop was teaching lasso classes, what?!" Sean's face turned pale in the fire
light. Behind Elijah, the remaining Rider stood, with a sword poised, ready to kill. It suddenly plunged it into Lij's shoulder, an icy cold poison. Almost immediately, Elijah collapsed face forward, and the fire went out.