Chapter 13 - Lost in Middle-Earth 

"I wonder where Dom could be." Billy said as he searched the parlor for his friend. The door swung open, and the three terrified hobbits jumped back. Elijah frowned as he realized it was just Viggo, clothed in Aragorn's dark garb.
"It's you." He muttered. Viggo laughed and reclined in a chair.
"Scared you, didn't I? You three are mighty jumpy these days. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist."
"There ARE no psychiatrists in Middle-Earth!" Sean yelled. "We're living in the dark ages, man! They haven't even heard of disco music. Or muu-muus!"
"Darn, they have it rough." Viggo shook his head. "So, where's Dom?"
"That's what we're trying to figure out." Billy said. "He said he'd stay in our chamber or take a walk. Hm. He's probably still out on his walk."
"Probably. But since he doesn't need to know all that happened in the common room --"
"Why not?" Billy asked.
"He wasn't there and we'd waste our breath telling him." Viggo responded and went on. "Since he doesn't need know, we can just talk about it right now.  Elijah, honestly, did you have to do the disappearing trick at the end? Now Bill Ferny's going to be all on your case! He'll tell everyone who wants to know
about the little amusing hobbit that disappeared after singing The Cow Jumped Over the Moon!"
"For the last time, it was an accident! Agh!" Elijah threw his hands into the air. He calmed down and spoke in a low tone. "So, I guess there's no way to stop--" Butterbur opened the door.
"Pardon me, all-knowing hobbits, but is there a Master Baggins among you?" He asked. "A letter came for him. I forgot to tell you earlier."
"Yes. That's me." Elijah said.
"I thought you were Under--"
"I'm Baggins! Give, me, the letter!" Barliman dropped the letter and turn-tailed out of the parlor. The others were speechless.
"Why do you need the letter?" Sean asked.
"Oh, sorry guys. I've had a hard day. Anyway, I forgot what Sir Ian was supposed to write." He unfolded the letter from its envelope and threw the casing into the dimming fire, giving it new life.
"The Prancing Pony, Bree, Midyear's day, Shire year, 1418." Elijah read aloud. "I had to leave now, but hope to see you in Rivendell (in one piece). Don't travel by night. Watch your back. Gandalf.  P.S. I hope that slug of a bartender got this to you on time. Ciao!"
"Well now." Billy said. "That wasn't very accurate."
"Well, you all ready knew about me. So, when should we leave?" Viggo said.
"I guess morning since it says not to travel by night." Sean said. "And I agree with him!"
"Oh, I'm getting real worried about Dom." Elijah said. "I don't like this a bit."
"But wasn't he somewhere in the book for some reason?" Viggo asked.
"I don't know. What if he was going there but got kidnapped or something." Elijah spoke with much anxiety.
"There's a worrier in every family." Sean muttered as he was elbowed.
"Let's go to bed." Billy yawned. "That slowpoke can catch up eventually."
"What slowpoke?" Dominic asked, bursting into the room, followed by Nob. "We were just talking about you." Elijah smiled. "What took so long? Oh wait, you saw a Black Rider & followed it. Were penetrated by the Black Breath and Nob found you, bringing you all the way home."
"We don't have to worry about them because Nob has put a brown woolen mat on Frodo's bed, making it look very realistic." Billy seconded. "Since we know they will attack but have no clue when, we must hold fort and see how things are on the morn." Nob's lip dropped open.
"My dear sirs, if only I could be such a hobbit as you are." He smiled. "I will go and leave you be." After Nob left, they stacked a chair behind the door and fell asleep as the moon hung shining over them.