Chapter 12 - Lost in Middle-Earth  

Mr. "Underhill" and his companions reached Bree as the stars made their
appearances onto the dark night stage. "Who might you be?" The gatekeeper
"Hello. We're hobbits and are going to get a room at the Prancing Pony." Sean
"Yes, but who ARE you?" He asked impatiently. Elijah lifted his head towards
the sky.
"What is this, a speakeasy from the 1930's?" He exclaimed.
"Pardon me, sir." Said the keeper. "Explain."
"Oh, different world."
"A different world, eh? You're an amazing little hobbit. You may go on in, just
don't try any hocus-pocus on the inn's customers." He said and lifted the gate's
hinge. The hobbits walked into Bree's hustle and bustle of night.
"Oh and don't..." Elijah stammered. Too late, he felt the cold of a Nazgul sweep
over his head. "Leave the door open." After a bit of trudging they arrived at the
inn's door.
"You're the smart..." Barliman said when he finally got the time.
"Yeah, I know everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. In
the vicinity, of course."
"Come in!" Butterbur said. "With a room for four. Nob! Tell Bob to provide
shelter for this gentleman's horses while you get them rooms and food."
Sam fluffed his coat. "Imagine. A hobbit like me, getting respect like this."
"Not from me, slave." Elijah playfully chuckled. They ate and then Billy, Sean,
and Elijah went down to the common room.
"I guess the story won't be right if I come down there." Had been Dominic's
"All right. See you later!" Billy said.
The friends made merry and laughed all the time they were with the company.
Billy had one ale too many and began telling the stories that Shire folk loved to
tell. The people roared with laughter and cheered for more. He finally got to the
farewell speech of Bilbo's and was nearing the disappearance. "You better do
something." Said a familiar voice as a warm hand tapped Elijah on the shoulder.
The hobbit spun around.
"Viggo!" He exclaimed. He'd forgotten to say hello to "Strider". "Er, Strider.
How've you been?"
Viggo shook his head. "No time for small talk. Do something to shut Billy's
gob." Elijah used the only notion he had. He jumped up on a table and shouted.
"Let's do a song! A song!" He began to sing. It sounded fairly like an extended
version of "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon". A drunkard came near Viggo.
"Great lad, 'tisn't she? He?" The man guffawed. Viggo crossed his arms.
"Oh yeah. You ain't seen nothing yet, though."
Meanwhile the crowd yelled for an encore. When Elijah got to "jumped over
the moon" he jumped. The table landed awkwardly and he flew in the air. When
he hit the ground, he noticed a golden orb fly at him. He automatically shielded
himself with his hands. It landed on his finger. A gasp came from the audience
as the rhymer disappeared. Quite a few left. Viggo once again resided in his
corner booth and was eventually greeted by an appearing Elijah. "Ooh, you
don't want to wear that ring." Lij said. "It seems like the whole time I wear it,
something bad's happening. Like this time, something was strangling me."
"How dreadful!" Viggo cried. Elijah looked confused.
"You're not mad at me?"
"No! How could I be! You had to do that for the story to go on. And how
amazing that you could sing and figure out the angles so it would land on your
finger at the same time!"
"But, I did that on accident."
"You weirdo! Don't do that again! You know you shouldn't use the ring!" Elijah
laughed at Viggo's personality change.
"I saw e'rything, I did." Said a suspicious hobbit in conversation with Butterbur.
"You probably were just drunk. See, he's right over there. Sittin' with that
mysterious Strider. Just don't do anything else, ye ken, Master Underhill?"
"I ken." Elijah nodded. "It was an accident. I'm turning in early. Have our ponies
ready by eight in the morning."
"Yes, master." Barliman nodded. "But first, a word in private."