Chapter 10 - Lost in Middle-Earth

"Frodo! Frodo, stop it! What are you thinking?!" Sean cried. "Take off the
ring!" Elijah chuckled and took it off his finger.
"Don't do that again, you scared us!" Billy exclaimed.
"Well now." Tom said. "I believe it's time you all got on your way." He and
Goldberry gave them some nice fresh food, and the hobbits started down
towards the Barrow-Downs.
"Ah, this is a piece of cake, we'll be at Bree before you know it." Dominic said
as he relaxed on the saddle of his horse. At that moment, the four turned and
saw mountains rising from the earth like evil teeth.
"And they don't call it creepy for nothing." Elijah muttered. They presently came
to a small rock, which they knew was a landmark, and sat to eat and let the
ponies munch soft blades of grass.
Sean woke with a start. All around him was cold, foreign fog, and something
was tapping him. He mustered his strength and tangled it to the ground. "Buddy!
It's just me!" Billy exclaimed.
"How could you let us sleep this long?" Sean muttered sleepily to Elijah.
"I didn't remember what would happen." He yelled. "This wasn't in the movie so
I didn't read over it as long!"
"It doesn't matter." Dom said. "Let's just go." They went on. The mist seemed to
close around them like groping fingers. Out of the mist, Elijah saw a North
"We'll get out of here through it! Come on!" He cried to his companions. There
was no reply. "Sean! Billy! Dom! Dom!" He yelled. There was only himself in
the growing fog. And something lurking in the distance. "Who-Who's there?" He
asked timidly.
"I am." It said. The Barrow grabbed him.