Chapter 9 - Lost in Middle-Earth

The young companions entered. There, seated before them, was the most
beautiful woman anyone of them had ever seen. "Hello." She said in the most
enchanting sing-song voice. "My name is Goldberry. I am the daughter of the
River." Elijah stooped down in reverent awe.
"Milady, one like you so fair, is so beautiful." He went into an awkwardly
composed at the moment song. Goldberry giggled.
"Why thank you. I did not know that the Shire had such sweet tongues." She
seemed to cast a spell over the hobbits. They felt up on Cloud 9 and were so
happy they never wanted to come down. Tom came through the door again.
"Is the supper ready? I see the table laden."
"Oh, but the guests are not." Said Goldberry in her sweet voice.
Tom slapped his forehead. "Tom, Tom, you silly fool." He laughed. "Right this
way, my sirs. We'll get you cleaned up and then serve you dinner."
After being washed up (which was quite good, they were getting smelly), the
four hobbits, one man, and one lady of the river sat down to a quite large meal.
The hobbits ate as if there was no tomorrow.
After the gargantuan feast, the hobbits were escorted to footstools in front of a
fragrant fire. "Sleep now." Goldberry said. "And do not fear the night sounds,
nothing but light of moon and stars and the hilltop's wind pass through our
door." Tom stayed a while and Elijah tried to ask question after question, each
slipping back from his tongue right when he felt most uncomfortable. Finally, he
got one out.
"Tom," Tom stirred. "Did you hear me cry for help?"
"No, me lad." Tom said. "But I know the trees and Old Man Willow was
talking." Elijah nodded and settled again. "Now you must sleep." He led the four
sleepy hobbits to mattresses of down and blankets of wool. "Sleep, and sleep
Elijah did not sleep well. Once again, he was periled with a disastrous dream.
He saw hilltop after dark hilltop. He saw a stone not wrought by hand. An eagle
bore down on him and a wolf closed in. Black Riders clopped by on their
mares of death. He woke with a start but soon fell asleep again. Dominic and
Billy had it equally as rough, but Sean slept like a log the entire night.
They all awoke the next morning to the sound of Bombadil whistling like a
swallow. "Today is Goldberry's cleansing day!" He cried. "We will sit inside and
tell stories." They listened all through the day. He told of castles and trees, dark
things and creatures of light. Goldberry entered once again.
"Supper's ready." She announced. It was better than before. The hobbits
enjoyed themselves as Goldberry sang after dinner. Tom pried many questions.
"Let me see the ring." He said and surprised Elijah. Elijah fiddled with the clasp
and handed it to Tom's awaiting paw. Tom slipped it on. The hobbits gasped
when he did not vanish. Laughing, Tom handed it to Elijah.
Elijah took a look at it (as if not the real, but a replica), and slipped it on.