Chapter 6 - Lost in Middle-Earth

Morning dawned on the prostrate forms of Sean and Elijah. They probably would not have woken, but Billy waved a piece of white bread (from the last night) in front of their noses.
Frodo sat thinking as he chewed. He did not want to leave his friends behind, but he didn't want them to come either. "Sean." He turned to his old friend. "I don't think I'm going to stay in Crickhollow, I'm just going to set up the stuff and leave."
"Cool." He replied.
"I'm coming with you, and you can't help it." Sean said with hands on hips. "Okay. I guess it's the same with everyone else. We're in it together." He smiled. Billy and Elijah argued for sometime on the road or the brush and finally Lij succeeded. They cut through briars and brackish bush.
"Look at that!" Sean exclaimed. Down a hill, there stood a dark figure standing beside a horse. They dashed along a brook and then waded in. Smiling and laughing because their day was bright, they walked on together. Their merriment was soon cut off by a hideous howl. It wasn't any animal. "Another Black Rider!" Billy gasped. "What is with them? You'd think they're stalking us."
"Really?" Sean rolled his eyes. "You could've fooled me." They tore on, out in
an open field away from the wood's safety. The Riders were far behind. The tired fugitives soon came to fields full of corn, mushrooms, and cabbages.
"Oh my gosh!" Elijah exclaimed. "Farmer Maggot's property! I haven't seen this place since I was a hobbitbabe, wait, I never WAS a hobbitbabe. Never mind." Suddenly, a voice bellowed.
"Sick 'em, boys!" Three monstrosities ran up to the three hobbits. Sean cringed in fear as one sniffed him over, and another growled and curled its lip at Elijah.
"Who might you be?" The voice's owner asked as it caught up to them. Billy introduced them.
"I'm Peregrin Took," Farmer Maggot smiled. "And this is Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee." Elijah cringed expecting an evil dog to kill him then and there. But Farmer Maggot smiled and waved his hand.
"Come on into the house, boys." As they sat sipping ale, Elijah and the farmer talked. "One of them things came up to the house a while afore y'all got here. He was askin' if I knew any Bagginses. I didn't tell him anythin', I mean, cuz he was creepin' me out and such. So he does this hissin' kinda thing and rides off. Glad ya ain't in Hobbiton no more, Buckland's much safer. Stay there!"
"Well, thank you for the time." Elijah said. "But we must be going. We want to get to the Ferry by nightfall."
"Oh, don't try to do everything." Farmer Maggot objected. "We let you eat here, and then I'll give you a ride up to the Ferry." The Middle-Earth newcomers looked at each other.
"All right. That seems nice." Sean said. They sat down to a wholesome meal. After the last of it was gone, they loaded up in one of his wagons and set down the road. They were going at a steady pace when another horse clopped up.
"You ought to hide, Master Frodo." Sean whispered. Elijah buried himself very deep into the hay and blankets of the wagon.
"I'm looking for a Mr. Baggins." Said a mysterious voice.
"Mr. Merry!" Maggot cried. Elijah, Sean, and Billy threw back the blankets.
"Dom! Er, we mean, Merry!" They cried in unison.
"Hello, folks." Dominic said.
"Goodbye!" Maggot said. "Farewell, and enjoy the basket!" He tossed a basket with a cloth over it next to Elijah.
No one could help but laugh at the expression on his face when he opened the basket and found a pile of steaming mushrooms.