Chapter 5 - Lost in Middle-Earth

"You are gonna go, aren't you, Elijah?" Sean asked anxiously. Two weeks had gone by. Elijah found Bag End quite cozy and did not want to leave this comfort for what he knew was to come.
"I guess so. But don't let this get out."
"Don't worry, Elijah. You know I can keep my lips sealed."
"Yeah, but Sam can't." Word traveled to the Green Dragon and other Hobbiton inns that Frodo was selling Bag End.
"Not just to anyone, to th' Sackville-Bagginses!" An elderly lady hobbit with a front tooth missing gossiped. "I knew he'd be just like 'is uncle. Trouble since Day One."
"And he's prob'ly doin' it cuz he's goin' broke." The bartender retorted. "All he an' his friend Merry could afford was a liddle shack in Crickhollow." Yes, it was true that they were moving to Crickhollow, but not because of the money issues. It was in Buckland on the Shire's eastern border, making it easier to just leave when they needed.
"So we're going to leave the house in Buckland around Autumn, right?" Dominic asked. "I kind of want to get this over with." Elijah's mind went back to his life in the real world. He thought of his lovely Franka and wanted to leave right away.
"All right, Dom." He said. "As soon as possible."
"Just remember one thing, Elijah." Sir Ian spoke up. "*Don't* use the Ring! Now I must leave you. The latest I'll be is your farewell party."
Time passed.
After Ian's departure, the hobbits steadily packed. Fatty Bolger, Folco, Dominic, and Billy helped him. The last night Elijah ever saw Bag End until he came back from his adventure, the whole house was bare save a few less precious items. He was worried. He'd not seen Sir McKellen since that day he left in the summer, and it was now late September!
"Sean! Sean!" He realized everyone, including the Old Gaffer, wondered who
he was talking to. Elijah lowered his voice. "Sam, uh, it's time to go."
"I'm coming." He walked up the cellar steps wiping his mouth. "Sorry, uh, I was saying good bye to the beer canisters." Elijah gave him an odd look. "What!? It's in the book!"
"Let's go." He shouldered his pack. Billy was waiting for them at the gate.
"Are you comfortable, Lij?" Sean asked. "I could take some of your pack, mine's very light."
"Oh no," Billy said. "He needs to carry that weight." He patted his rounded stomach. "We all need to lose the hobbit bellies." They ran ahead laughing and singing. After awhile, they became tired and curled up against a tree trunk to sleep.
In the morning, Elijah woke bright and early. "Wake up, sleepy hobbits!" He cried. "The beautiful morn awaits!"
"Oh, it ain't pretty to me." Billy said and rolled over. Elijah pulled his blankets off playfully and went for a walk. When he came back, he was greeted by Billy's voice.
"Where is my water? Do we have bathing water?" He whined.
Sean put his hands on his hips. "Billy, this ain't Hollywood."
After breaking their fast, they walked on down the road. Elijah's accurate hobbit ears picked up a sound. It became clearer. Hearing hooves clopping, he believed Gandalf was following. He turned and smiled. No one was there. "Look guys, I just heard a sound. And these hobbits are annoying. They think my affairs are such juicy gossips."
"Yeah. They remind me of the paparazzi." Billy said. Sean elbowed him.
"Anyway, let's get off the road." They scurried off to hide. A little while later, a dark pony clumped up the track. It felt ghostly and extremely creepy. They hid under a tree. As it rode away, as if to no avail, Elijah's brain was reminded of the danger.
"That was a-a Nazgul!" He cried.
"What do we do?" Sean cried back.
"I don't know!" Billy said thirdly.
A while later, another over took them. They decided to keep walking, so as not to be an easy target. Once again, they heard the clip-clop, clip-clop of horses' feet.
"Oh no, it's a, it's a... party of Elves?!" Elijah said in a confused manner. Sean and Billy were speechless.
"Greetings." Said the leader of the group. "Would you like to join us in a feast?" The hobbits nodded.
They talked much and conversed. "So I'm worried about Gandalf." Elijah said. "I'm scared for him. He's been late."
The leader stroke his fair head. "This is quite odd. A powerful Istari like Mithrandir being late? Something's wrong. But do not worry now, have rest." He showed the remaining hobbits (Billy had gone to bed early), two soft bowers to sleep in. "Sleep well." He said, and the friends went into a deep, dreamless slumber