Part II: Chapter 4, Lost in Middle-Earth

"Do you think that was Sir Ian?" Sean asked.
"Well, the book says so." Orlando ventured. "But come, our friend will get to us. We need to get to Billy and Dom."
They searched the surrounding area of what was the campsite. "Aha!" Cried the Ranger. "I forgot about this!" He held up an orc blade. John looked at it with a disgusted face.
"Horrible to think our friends freed themselves with such a weapon." He said. Then his face lit up. "They're safe! Into the forest!"
They trooped along, following the path their friends took. "Into the forest, what was I thinking!? This place is old and evil!"
"I'm sure Orli has different thoughts." Sean smiled.
"This is a beautiful forest & it isn't evil." The elf retorted amidst John's growling.
"Told ya!" The miraculously alive Gondorian snickered. They came to the stone hill. "So we just wait here." John said.
"Yup." Orlando chimed. "Look! I see him!" He cried.
"Whew, Elf eyes must come in handy!" Sean said. "Where's Sir Ian?"
"A ways off." Orlando replied. "Just wait." Slowly, the old man disguised as a wizard disguised as an old man came near.
"What's this," Sir Ian smirked. "Two men, an Elf, and a Dwarf? I presumed one less." He walked over and cast off his gray cloak. A glorious white raiment shone, and its light pierced the treetops. "I come to you now at the turn of the tide. Sean, is that you?" Sean nodded happily. "I thought you were dead!"
"Well, that's what they said about you." Sean expressed with Boromir's smile.
"Good point!" Sir Ian laughed. "I missed you all."
"Mithrandir." Orlando breathed. "He is back."
"How were Cate and Marton? Have young Dominic and Billy escaped?" Asked the now white Gandalf.
"Cate and Marton were fine. And as far as we can tell, our friends are safely freed from the Uruks." Viggo filled him in.
"So they must be with the Ents. That is wonderful." Sir Ian smiled.
"What of the orcs? What will they tell?" John asked.
"If everything goes the way Tolkien planned, we'll all be fine."
"You weren't at the campfire last night, were you?" Sean asked.
"No." Sir Ian said in a gravelly voice. "That must have been Christopher."
"Oh, well I wonder if he's gotten into the Saruman attitude." Sean ventured.
"He made the snow fall on Caradhras. The orcs that are of the White Hand attacked you on Amon Hen. I do believe our dear friend has become the dirty little wizard formerly known as good." Sir Ian answered. "Well now, will you come with me?"
Orlando slapped his forehead. "How obvious was that!?" He cried. "We don't follow Dom and Billy, they're safe with the Ents. Goodness! We could have saved a bit of travel time we'd remembered."
"Patience, my good Elf." Sir Ian muttered. "You wouldn't have run into me. Now we must go." He walked a bit away.
"Did everything really happen with the fire demon?" Sean questioned. Gandalf stopped and closed his eyes pitifully. "Yes, yes, my dear Boromir. I was everywhere J.R.R. wanted me to be."
"Then the Lady of the Wood gave you the message." Orlando said wistfully.
"Afraid so, Prince Greenleaf. Cate told me your message and Viggo's." The man and elf looked crestfallen.
"Legolas Greenleaf long under tree, In joy thou hast lived. Beware of the Sea! If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore, Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more." Orlando bowed his head. A tear made its path down his fair cheek, he raised his head. "I do not wish to die of heartbreak because of words. Let's go, and please change the subject."
They walked quietly for quite some time, then Sir Ian lifted his head and let out a high whistle. Hooves were heard pounding the ground. "It's my Arod!" Cried Orlando, the thought of sea abating him.
"Is that whom I think it is?" Sean gasped pointing at the steed next to his own.
"Yes, it is Shadowfax." Sir Ian grinned. "A fine stallion and he loves me as if I'd known him an eternity." Shadowfax approached before the others. It pranced, then nuzzled Mithrandir. The others came forth. Fine they were, but no comparison to Shadowfax. "Now my friends," said the White Rider, "Let's ride."
Shadowfax led them mile after mile across hill and plain. They came to a point and saw a great smoke rising. "Would that be battle?" Sean questioned.
"Yes." Sir Ian said. "But now, we go to the King of the Golden Hall. Yah!" He kicked Shadowfax's sides and away they went again, like birds, free in the air. No cares lay upon their joy-ridden hearts. That is, for now.