Chapter 4  - Lost in Middle Earth

Elijah lived alone for many a day and night. He took walks with his friend, Dominic, and kept close to home. All the hobbits were happy that,
Perhaps he wouldn't follow in his 'Uncle’s’ footsteps.  Sean sat in the Green Dragon and listened to all the rumors he already knew. Two weeks later, as Sean was walking back with a brewery fizzing in his stomach, Ian tapped on Bag End's door.
"I thought that to get it right, you were gonna have to go away for nine years." Elijah smirked.
"Yes, but then you would look terrible and 'old' when we went back to Reality."
Sean entered. "You should talk. What happened, you look horrible!"
Sir Ian crossed his arms. "And that would mean? Ah well, Sam, go back outside. This is not for you to hear." Once Sean had left, he continued. "Do you really believe that this Ring is real?"
Elijah shrugged. "I mean, sure, it worked for Ian, but that was just cuz that's how the story goes. We're in Middle-Earth, but I bet the Ring has no effect at all on anyone."
"Oh. You do, do you?" 'Gandalf' said. "Watch." He opened the envelope that enclosed the horrible thing. Then he cast it into the fireplace. A flame lit up the dark room. Elijah's messy hair was blown back. After the sparks settled, Ian took a pair of tongs and pulled the Ring from the hearth.
"Look." The 'wizard' said. He pointed to the Ring. Elijah gasped. "Does it really say the words?"
 Lij nodded. "Well, what should we do?"
"They'll be coming back for you. Gollum knows. He can feel it. It's become a part of him. We *have* to go." All of a sudden, he turned towards the window. He jerked open the handle and let in a refreshing breeze, as well as Sean. "What did I tell you?" He growled.
Sean cowered and shrank back. "Oh, Ian, don't hurt me!…Whoa, I actually felt scared! We really have become our characters." His tone changed to a low whisper. "It's real? It's really dangerous?" Elijah nodded silently. "Then what're we waitin' for? Let's go!"