Chapter 3 – Lost in Middle Earth

Ian shot many fireworks into the air. Some exploded as beautiful butterflies and they softly alighted somewhere in the sky. Finally, a gigantic dragon flew over the audience. It magically roared and just as everyone thought they couldn't handle anymore, it poofed into a million bright sparks.
The hobbits were still trembling in fear when "Bilbo" chuckled and said, "Are you all hungry?" The invites to a special dinner party with the two birthday boys (if you remember, Frodo was also having a birthday) rushed into the clearing. As they ate, Ian launched into his birthday speech.
"And lastly," he closed as some picked their teeth and others *barely* stayed awake. "The final reason I asked you here, to tell you all, I am leaving. Good bye!" He did the same thing as his character and slipped on the ring. He disappeared into thin air. The other hobbits launched into confusion and Elijah tried to look scared.
Bilbo entered his home and pried off the ring. He took a look at it. "Such a small, helpless little thing." He smiled. " Yet, it can change so much." Just then, his friend Ian opened the door.
"It's weird, you know." He told Gandalf. "What if I really become attached to it?"
"Don't worry, my friend. If we play our cards right, you'll be fine. Now just put it on the mantle in the envelope." Ian reached out with his small hobbit hand. It was about to drop into the safe white envelope when he withdrew his hand.
"Oh, Gandalf. I can't do it. It's my precioussss." The other Ian folded his arms.
"Is that some kind of sick joke?" He asked. Bilbo's face grimaced.
"No, it wasn't. Ian, I'm so scared." He placed it back on the mantle with much effort.
"Well, I guess that's it. Isn't it?" He smiled and left with a travel sack singing softly. "The Road goes ever on and on..."
A few hours later, after all the guests had left, Lij opened the same door his "Uncle" had closed. "Is he gone?" He asked Ian.
"Yes, but you must watch out for that Lobelia. She is on to us, remember. She wants the treasure."
Elijah remembered that. "Okay. But I'm getting some shuteye now."
For the next few days, Otho and Lobelia Baggins banged on the cylindrical door relentlessly. Elijah stayed contently in an arm chair facing the east window.
Once again, the door was victim to the viciousness of banging. "Go away!" Frodo yelled.
"What's happening here, son?" Ian asked. Lij hopped up. He unbolted the door and let the giant wizard in.
"Oh, I'm so sorry." He said. "I thought you were Lobelia. I'm scared just like Ian was. I *nearly* put on that, that thing!"
Ian's brow furrowed. "You must never *never* put it on! You know what'll happen." Elijah nodded. "I know. I know. Would you like some tea?"
"No thank you." Ian said. "I have to go."
"Now!? Oh yeah that's right. You had to go to that sorta thing.. erm, whatever. I guess I shouldn't meddle in a wizard's affairs." He laughed.
"Farewell old friend!" He spoke as Ian mounted the old horse cart and rode off.  He did not see him again for many a day and night.