Part II: Chapter 2, Lost in Middle-Earth

Billy lay between dream and life. A cool breeze woke him. He was placed on his back. Slowly but surely, his surroundings became clear. Dom was nowhere to be found. He felt cold and alone. 'Is Sean all right?' 'What are they going to do to me?' Questions like these reverberated off his head over and over. The Scottish hobbit tried to push it out of memory and listened to the Uruk-hai speak.
Two other orc tribes were there, just as in the book, and were having pretty much the same disagreement. "Why should we listen to some muckrakers of a dirty little wizard's?" Cried Grishnakh. His troops screeched and hollered. Heads rolled, courtesy of the Uruk-hai. Billy felt something trickle down his arm. Blood. Someone had cut him, perhaps. He rolled over and saw his hands now in front of him. The small hobbit tried pulling his hands apart. Too easily, they pulled quickly away from each other. The rope on his hands was slit! He looked each way, made a loose bracelet like he knew he should and sat very
"Now we must go!" Shouted Ugluk above the ruckus. A guard picked Billy up and with Billy's hands about his neck, claws pressed into the hobbit flesh, he loped off. At least Dominic was nearby. Billy glanced him and let out a muffled hello. The orc snarled and pinched him tighter, then kept loping.
The nasty folk stopped again when dusk was about to darken. "We're sick of carrying you." Ugluk growled. He cut the bonds from around Billy's feet. The tortured hobbit felt a rush of circulation again. He fell back, not used to using his legs. The orcs guffawed. Ugluk snapped something in the nasty tongue and pulled Billy back up by his hair. "Drink this." Another orc commanded. Not wanting any harm to come to him, the wary Scot swallowed the disgusting stuff. It was hot and stifled his throat the entire way down. But once he'd swallowed it, he felt much better, and could stand up.
This wasn't a nice gift, he came to see. They ran without ceasing and soon, Billy was worn out. After about a mile, they came to a shallow dip. The Took smiled, he knew what to do. He dived into the mist, fiddled with the brooch on his collar and began to run. Orcs came up in front and behind and on either side. They picked him up harshly and threw him back down with the rest of the pack.
Immediately they ran again. "Oh, don't think we won't forget that." Said a Moria
orc. "Just wait til we get to our destination." Billy held back a cry and kept running.
After awhile he felt sick again. He crumpled to the ground. Something pulled him up and forced what he thought was the orc medicine down his throat. "Eat!" It shouted and flung raw flesh and bread. Billy gnawed at the stale bread greedily, but left the flesh where it was. No telling *what* it was. Then ten minutes later, they started off once again. Some of the Moria orcs had abandoned them, but there were still some eighty Uruks sneering as they ran.
Some Northerners still remained, slinging the poor hobbits to new carriers every
once in a while.
"Run you fools!" Grishnakh said as he caught up with the troop he'd abandoned.
"There's a troop of Whiteskins on their horses heading this way. They'll kill
"Riders of Rohan." Billy whispered.
"Well, let's run then!" Said Ugluk. The orcs, never stopping, now put on a burst
of energy, running faster from their nearing opponent.
Billy lifted his head wearily and caught sight of the Riders. Beautiful and proud they were. He smiled, knowing soon that they were going to be free.
The two hobbits were sat down next to each other, legs bound as the orcs fought. "Dom!" Billy whispered. Dominic smiled and hugged his friend with the little strength he had.
"Do you think we could... oof!" Dom cried out. Both of them were kicked,
being reminded that they should hush their tongue.
The Riders sat on the edge of the camp. Orcs posted guards but the guards soon went away to shoot arrows at the "Whiteskins". Grishnakh ran by and Billy almost forgot how they escaped but then quickly called the foul Lugburz native over. "I know what you look for."
"What *I* look for?" Grishnakh said, his fingers groping at the hobbits' cloaks in the dark. "What do you think I look for?"
"Gollum, gollum." Billy imitated Smeagol. "Nothing, my preciousss."
"You think I want *it*?"
"Yes." Dom said. "But untie our legs. We'll tell you nothing until you do."
"Silly halflings. You think I'd..." The orc leader's head looked either way. Seeing the coast was clear he picked up the hobbits, clamped their mouths shut and ran on about twelve yards. He unbound their legs. The unlikely threesome heard a whinny off a bit. Grishnakh growled and unsheathed his broad crooked sword. Firelight gleamed off it. An arrow came and pierced the orc's hand. He howled in pain then rushed off at his attackers. A loud moan filled the night air, confirming Grishnakh was no more. The hobbits meant to run, but couldn't, they were so weary. Horses leaped over them, and the halflings were left alone in the dark.
Billy took out a small knife from the ground, obviously shed by Grishnakh. He cut Dom's wrist bonds. "Here, eat this." He said. They both ate two Lembas cakes, crushed but fresh. Merriment came back to their faces.
"If we can't walk, we must crawl." Dominic said. "To Fangorn and the Ents." He commanded. They began crawling, slowly but surely making their way from the
squeals of Orcs realizing their prizes had been taken away.
Far off in the distance, orcs were plowed down by the Riders. And Ugluk by the Third Marshal of Rohan.