Chapter 2  - Lost in Middle Earth

"Okay, okay." An impatient Cate Blanchett spoke. "We've established that fact. Me, you, Liv, Hugo, and Marton *all* have pointy ears. So what? Lij and the others are shorter and have big, hairy feet. Ew, I just grossed myself out." She shook her head. "Anyway, let's just figure out what happened."
"There's no explanation." Ian Holm said in his grumpy tone. "I shouldn't have come to that crazy party."
"Hey, that was a cool party." Orli said. "Hobbits."
"Look." Said the most logical person in the party, Sir Ian McKellen. "I think that it doesn't matter why we're here, but I think we're here to
redo the Lord of the Rings story all over again. I think that's the only way to get home."
"Oh, do you know what that means?" Elijah asked. "Some of us are going to have to go for miles just so we can get the story right."
"Dude, dude." Orlando spoke up. "Tolkien wants us to get it right. And I want to go home." He whined. "Let's just do it right or plan on staying our characters forever."
"All right." Lij muttered.
In a few hours, Sean B, Cate, Orlando, Christopher, Viggo, John, Liv, Hugo, and Marton left with haversacks packed full of the Bag End's finest. The hobbits and "Gandalf" sat on a hill and waved until they disappeared into a nearby forest.
"All right, hobbits." Ian said. "Spread the word that Ia- I mean, Bilbo Baggins is having an eleventy-first birthday."
In a week, the *other* Ian rolled up Bagshot Row in his rustic cart. Hobbit children danced past him anticipating for the party. As he got out of the cart and walked up to that small familiar circular door, "Bilbo" opened it.
"I've arrived." Ian smiled. "Bilbo." Bilbo smiled and let him in.