Chapter 1 - Lost in Middle-Earth

6 AM L.A., California
"Makeup!" Sean cried anxiously.
"Right away, Mr. Astin." The beautician answered.
The young director ran up to Sean. "Sean, your last scene was pretty good. However, you really need to be more enthusiastic. 'Martian
Men From Outerspace' will never hit the big time if you don't do your lines well." Sean layed back with his Evian bottle as the makeup crew
applied hairspray to his already flattened head.
"I'll try, Allen. It's just since Lord of the Rings has ended all its publicity and all that it is is an old legacy on the Blockbuster shelves, I've lost
my mojo.
Allen nodded understandingly. "All right, let's try scene 21." Right then, the actor's phone went off.
"Wait a second. Hello? Sean Astin speaking." It was his old LOTR friend Elijah.
"Seany! It's so great to hear you! Listen, whole gang's getting together in Cannenbury, England on Orli's property. Can you come? It's on
the 20th." Sean remembered that was the opening day of "Martian Men".
"The twentieth? I believe I can make it." His director's lip dropped. "All right, see you there, Lij. Ciao." He closed the phone case. "Listen,
Al. I know it's the premiere date, but this movie stinks. Find someone else to be Bjorkxian."
2 weeks later...
"Orli! Liv! Ian! Ian! Wazzup people!" Viggo shouted excitedly.
"I'm pretty good." Said the British owner of estate. "Just went surfing off the Australian coast." Orli grinned. "I kind of forgot to invite the
'surfing hobbits'."
"Darn, I didn't realize there'd be so much publicity!" Billy Boyd exclaimed.
"I know, it's kind of like that Big Brother thingy they're writing on our messageboard forum. No privacy." John Rhys-Davies spoke up.
Suddenly, like lightning, a loud boom and whirl of smoke filled the room.
"Wha?" Liv squealed as she and the rest of the cast became unconscious.
They all landed in a strangled heap in a place with beautiful green hills. "Where are we?" Sir Ian McKellen spoke up. Then he realized he
was wearing a blue wizard hat and flowing gray robes.
"Oh, this is a reeallly funny publicity stunt." Viggo muttered.
"No one's laughing." Billy said. "Stupid prosthetic hobbit feet." He tugged at the rubber, but it wouldn't budge. "I think we have a verdict." He
said without emotion. "We're in Middle-Earth."
"You mean on the set?" Dominick asked.
"No! For real. We've become our characters." Orli fingered his old costume.
"Sweet. Pointy ears."