Boromir Writes Home: Letters to Faramir

by NorthStar


Rivendell - October, 3018

Greetings, dear Brother

Just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I arrived in the elf kingdom late last night. Once I crested the last ridge, I could see lights twinkling like stars; it looked like the night sky had dropped to earth and lay shimmering in a pool. Very pretty.

They took my horse from me, and showed me to a nice enough room-great view. They had some wine on a table, some bread and cheese, so I had a bite while I looked around. I didn’t go near the minibar, though – I know how THOSE things go. As far as homely houses go, this seems like a five-star. The chocolate on the pillow was even a Godiva – remember her? Hoo-wah! I’m saving it for my caffeine jolt in the morning. This looks like a strictly tea-and-scones kind of place.

I couldn’t sleep, so I wandered around a bit, and found a kind of gallery, I guess. Lots of pictures and carvings. I was minding my own business, just looking around, when I nearly fell over a guy in the corner. Kind of swarthy looking, but nice enough. Knew I was a Southern man right off. Must be the accent. Anyway, he was reading a book pretty intently – I snuck a peek at it “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by some guy named Carnegie. Didn’t recognize the name, but you know I never paid much attention in class. Probably some elf chap, I guess. Not like they don’t have all the time in the world to come up with this stuff.

We made small talk, then I walked over to check out a stone shelf with some metal on it – and guess what? It was Isildur’s sword! You know, the –slicing-off-Sauron’s-finger-sword? It was still sharp, even, as I found when I stuck my finger on it. Blast, that hurt! I went off to find a band-aid, and on my way out, I saw this beautiful elf chick. A real stunner! Long, dark hair (you know I love brunettes, though I know you go for the blondes) blue eyes, hourglass figure…yeah baby! I forgot about my bloody finger and followed her back down the corridor, hoping to chat her up, maybe invite her back to my room for some wine and see what happened…but alas, she headed straight for book-boy, who was holding the hilt of the sword (the-slicing-off Sauron’s-finger-sword) and said something to him – and blasted if there wasn’t a sudden ray of light and a sound like “ahhhh.” It was weird. He set the blade back down and then they moved close to each other, and well…it was pretty clear I had no chance with her. Blast.

Well, its only dawn now and I’m sure there’ll be lots of other pretty elf women around to keep me occupied. Plus there’s some council meeting today that I’m supposed to go to; there was a little note on my door when I got back to the room – “the pleasure of your company is requested at the south terrace at 10 am, blah blah, blah…;”you know the type. So that ought to be interesting. Maybe someone here will know how to interpret that dream of yours. If anyone can figure it out, an elf lord should be able to. Supposedly there’s some wizard knocking around here, too.

I’ll let you know what happens. Say hi to Dad for me and let him know I’ll write him when I have a moment. Watch out for those barmaids in Osgiliath and take care of yourself…

Your loving Brother