The Fellowship of the Ring Parody

by Lordofthejedi17

Part 8

*At dawn, Gandalf, Frodo, a horse, and Sam are running.*

Gandalf: Come on, Samwise or are you too fat of a Hobbit to keep up?

Sam: I’m coming...

Gandalf: No, watch it, the enemy has a bunch of spies, but you’ll should be ok. Frodo, is it safe?

Frodo: Ummmmm... I think I lost it.

Gandalf: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frodo: Just joking, Gandalf.

Gandalf: Oh, Frodo. Why do I get the feeling you’re going to be the death of me?

Frodo: Well... I try!

*Gandalf gets on the horse and leaves.*

Frodo: We better get moving.

Sam: Can I go back now?

Frodo: No...

*Frodo and Sam start walking across the Shire to the East.*

Sam: Are we there yet?

Frodo: No, Sam...

Frodo and Sam are walking across the field.

Sam: Hey, look a car!

Frodo: Where? Oh, that one, somebody is asleep at Weta Digital again...

*Sam and Frodo are in a another field.*

Sam: This is it. If I go another step, it will be the first time I step out of my big circle.

Frodo: Come on Sam!

Sam: (Steps out of the circle) Well, it feels no different. Are we there yet?

Frodo: NO, SAM! Just remember what Bilbo said: “My precious” No... that’s not what he said...

Part 9

*Sam is cooking dinner and Frodo sit on a tree.*

Frodo: Sam, what has Gandalf said about smoking and cooking?

Sam: That its good for you?

Frodo: No, he said... (hears singing) Do you hear that, or has all that Old Toby gone to my head?

Sam: No, I hear it too...

Frodo and Sam run to the top of a hill where they see Elves.

Frodo: There going to the Grey Havens... Ummm...

Sam: What is it?

Frodo: Oh, Its this big port along the Gulf of Lune, but that’s not importion right now.

Sam: That song is really annoying... Should we go over to them and tell to shut up?

Frodo: Sam, there leaving, let them sing their song while they leave Middle-earth...

Sam: To go where?

Frodo: America, I think...

Sam: Impossible, Christopher Columbus discovered America, not the Elves!

Frodo: It will be answered later...

Sam and Frodo are trying to get some sleep.

Sam: I’m going to lay out in the middle of the forest...

Frodo: No Sam, You lay against the tree!

Sam: Why? Because its not a fluffy bed?

Frodo: No, Peter Jackson said we had to lay here.

Sam: Oh man...

*At dawn, a Nazgul is at the top of a hill.*