The Fellowship of the Ring Parody

by Lordofthejedi17

Part 38

*The Fellowship walks into the huge mines*

Gandalf: Ah... Its the great dwarf city whose name I can’t remember.

Sam: Why did the dwarves build a tall city when they’re so tiny?

Gimli: Because when you party, that ceiling can look alot closer!

*Gimli sees the Tomb of Balin*

Gimli: Oh no!

Gandalf: Gimli, this is no time to party!

*Gimli sees the tomb. He falls to his knees.*


Gandalf: (Reading the tomb) Here is a empty stone block that is supposed to be Balin’s tomb. Hmmm...

Sam: Is that the same Balin from The Hobbit?

Gandalf: I believe it is. (sees a book) Hmmm... I need a new wizard, Peregrin Took! You’re the new wizard, here is a staff and hat. Good job, Peregrin the brown!

Pippin: I’m a wizard now, cool! Now all I need is a long beard...

Gandalf: (Reading the book) “They are dumb, I don’t even know what I’m writing, we can’t get out, but I continue to write, and I’m trying to write the longest sentence possible and using so many commas, its Gonna Drive The READER MAD!!!!!!!!”

Pippin: I’m gonna make a bunch of noise. (Makes a body fall into a well)

Gandalf: Fool of a Brandybuck!

Merry: Hey, It wasn't me.

Gandalf: Sorry, I can't tell you two apart. Peregrin the brown, I hereby kick you out of the wizarding order. Your staff is broken!

Pippin: Gandalf, this is your staff.

Gandalf: Oops, wouldn’t want to break it then!

Part 39

*Gandalf hears drums beating*

Gandalf: Peregrin, that better be your stomach.

Pippin: I wish it was...

Sam: Frodo, your sword is starting to CG-glow!

Legolas: I wonder if there is anything alive down here anymore?

Boromir: You’re very slow, Legolas. (Runs to the door) AH! (Several arrows miss him) Uh oh, big troll!

Aragorn: Everyone back now! (Runs to the door) Hey...

*The door blows down, Orcs come running in*

Aragorn: You have to fight dirty! (He takes an Orc’s paycheck and rips its up)

Orc: NOOOOO!!!!!!

Legolas: I am not slow! What, we’re under attack?

Troll: Hi! Eat my club!

Boromir: Hey, we don’t like clubs (He is holding the Troll’s chain) Uh oh.

Aragorn: Not today! (saves Boromir)

Gimli: I can’t stand up because my beard is so heavy

Sam: I found a better way of fighting, with frying-pans!

Legolas: I have to use my best suction cup arrows to bring the troll down! (licks a suction cup, then shoots it at the troll)

Troll: Ow, that hurt!

Frodo: Hey, some help?

Troll: Ok (Stabs Frodo).

Frodo: Ouch! Some help you are. (falls over)

Merry and Pippin: Die, Troll, you killed Frodo and he owes us money!

Troll: Oh no... (Dies)

Pippin: That was easy.

Merry: Well, he was only CG.

Sam: Ack! Frodo! What will we do now?

Frodo: Psych!

Gandalf: How did you live?

Frodo: I’m under contract, I’m not just gonna die!

Part 40

*They hear Orcs coming*

Gandalf: Lets get out of here! AHHHHHH...

*The Fellowship takes off screaming, they are soon stopped by Orcs*

Gimli: Get ready to eat my ax!

Everyone hear a growl, the Orcs take off.

Boromir: What is that?

Gandalf: It’s a Balrog, a demen of the old world, but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that you’re stepping on my foot, Boromir.

Boromir: Sorry, I think we should run!

*Everyone but Gandalf takes off running*

Aragorn: Gandalf, what are you waiting for!

Gandalf: I’m waiting for the CG department to add the Balrog in.

Aragorn: NO TIME!

*They run through a door, then onto a staircase*

Boromir: Whoa! (stairs end)

Legolas: I got you. (Boromir falls on him) Wow, there are fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world!

Aragorn: What do we do, Gandalf?

Gandalf: I’m gonna fight the Balrog, you just stand around.

*They start running down the stairs*

Boromir: Just our luck, a hole in the stairs!

Legolas: I can simply jump.

Gandalf: Me too.

Boromir: I can too, but I have to take Merry and Pippin!

Aragorn: Just great Boromir, you made the hole bigger.

Sam: Aragorn, you'll have to throw us across!

Aragorn: Sure thing. Just sign this first.

Sam: What is it?

Aragorn: A waiver, just in case I'm a little off (Throws Sam across).

Gimli: I think I'll take my chances jumping. Besides, no one tosses a Dwarf. (Jumps, nearly falls, Legolas grabs his beard). NOT THE BEARD!

Frodo: Great job, Aragorn, you made the hole even bigger!

Aragorn: I can't help it, that was Sam fault!

*The Balrog is getting closer, a rock breaks another part of the bridge.*

Frodo: Ah! I'm gonna die... and then get sued!

Aragorn: Not today (Aragorn saves the day again).

Gandalf: RUN! Weta Digital almost got the Balrog in!