The Fellowship of the Ring Parody

by Lordofthejedi17

Part 35

*The Fellowship tries to find the gates of Moria.*

Gandalf: Hey, Frodo, I got to talk to you in secret about the ring and bo...

Frodo: OK, OK! The ring is getting heavier.

Gandalf: Frodo, can I go back? There are fire demons in there.

Frodo: Well, No you must come with me! BHYHAHAHA!

Gandalf: Ohhhh...

*Gimli hits the rocks with his ax.*

Gimli: Do I have to keep doing this?

Legolas: Don’t worry, this scene has been cut out.

Gimli: WHAT! How dare they cut a scene out with me in it!

*Gandalf finds the door.*

Gandalf: Ah, I found the door. Now it only mirrors moonlight. (Moon come outs) Ah, now, what's the password?

Gimli: Ummm... it mel...

Gandalf: Shut up! (in elvish) Open sesame! No? ok, open up ya... (bad stuff).

Legolas: GANDALF! How could you say that!

Gandalf: I can’t get it.

Pippin: What are you gonna do, then?

Gandalf: I’m gonna knocked your head against these doors, Peregrin Took! And if that doesn’t break them, then I’ll say screw this and go home!

*Gandalf is still trying to get the password. Aragorn and Sam lets Bill go.*

Aragorn: Don’t worry Sam, he know the way home.

Sam: But where’s his home? He just appeared sometime between the Bree and Weathertop.

Part 36

*Pippin is chucking rocks out into the water. Aragorn stops him.*

Aragorn: Don't throw rocks out in the water!

Pippin: What now, a big squid is out there.

*Gandalf is bashing his head on the rocks*

Gandalf: I... can't... figured... this out!

Frodo: Time for you guys to be awed by my ability to outwit Gandalf. Gandalf, I figured it out, what's the Elvish word for friend?

Gandalf: Melon... (Gate opens) I can't believe this! I've been outwittewd by a Hobbit! What next, a big squid gonna eat Frodo!

Pippin: Gandalf, a big squid just ate Frodo!

Gandalf: Doh'! Ummm... into the mines!

Boromir: There's alot of dead dwarves in here! And the big squid just spilled my drink!

Frodo: I escaped somehow, let's go!

*The Fellowship runs into Moria and the gate fall in.*

Gandalf: Well, thankfully I have this glowing rock in my staff. Now, its 20 minutes screen time to the other side. Lets make all the sound we can!

Boromir: You know, these mines smell like strawberries.

Gimli: Glad you like it... I hate it!

Part 37

*The Fellowship is walking through the mines*

Gandalf: Hey, look... it’s Mithrel.

Aragorn: And what’s that?

Gandalf: I don’t know! What am I, an expert?

Boromir: Ummm... yeh, you are.

Gandalf: Grrr!!! Well, Bilbo had a shirt of Mithrel that he got in The Hobbit.

Gimli: That’s a gift for a king!

Gandalf: Yeh, I never told him that it is made out of paper.

Frodo: I’m in trouble...

*Gandalf and the fellowship are walking up a staircase*

Gandalf: Aright, I’m lost (His staff light goes out) Ohhh... NOT NOW!

Frodo: Gandalf, did you remember to use Energizer batteries?

Gandalf: NO, I used Valinor brand...

*Gandalf is thinking*

Pippin: Merry.

Merry: What!

Pippin: Are we lost?

Merry: No!

Pippin: Merry, I’m hungry.


Frodo sees something, he runs over to Gandalf.

Frodo: Gandalf, there is something CG down there.

Gandalf: Yeh, It’s Gollum, they just inserted him.

Frodo: Gollum?

Gandalf: Yeh, I’m supposed to give a long and boring speech, most of which I can’t even remember, yada, yada, yada, Lets just go on! Hey, its that way!

Merry: Yay, he remembered!

Gandalf: No, I just looked at the script and saw that we’re supposed to go this way.