The Fellowship of the Ring Parody

by Lordofthejedi17

Part 16

*Frodo gets up in the Twilight World.*

Frodo: Cool, no one can see me. Let me kick this guy and punch this one...

Eye of Sauron: Yo, boy! What's up?

Frodo: Ahhhhhh! Big, fiery CG eye! Ahhhhh!

Eye of Sauron: Gimmie the ring or...

Frodo: Hold on, how can you talk if your just a eye?

Eye of Sauron: Ummmm... oh!!!!!!! BAGGINS!!!!!!

Frodo: Hahaha! I fooled Sauron! Now I’m going on the Internet...

Eye of Sauron: Ok, e-mail me at [url][/url]

Frodo: NEVER! Here's the ring, you want it?

Eye of Sauron: Yes, boy!

Frodo: Ok, (holds out hand thens pulls back) Physhe!(pulls off the Ring)

Part 17

*Frodo reappears*

Frodo: Wow, that was strange. What’s next, a hand gonna grab me?

Strider grabs Frodo and pins him to a wall.

Strider: You draw too much attention to yourself, Mr. Undershorts.

Frodo: That's the general idea.

*Strider drags Frodo upstairs kicking and screaming and throws him to a room.*


Strider: Sam couldn’t tell his hand from his foot. (Puts the candle out with his fingers) OW! THAT'S HURTS!

Frodo: Why couldn’t you use the cup of water next to you?

Strider: Because, because, ohhhhhhh!!!!!! (swears really badly in elvish)

*Sam, Merry and Pippin come bursting in. Strider draws his sword.*

Sam: Let him go, or I’ll beat you up, longshanks!

Strider: Oh, I am really scared of your fists, a chair, and a candle. You got bigger problems, Frodo. There here...

Frodo: Who? Oh, the Ringwraiths I put back on our trail.