The Lord of the Coffee

In no particular order, by Lothithil mostly, with various others stirred in.

Lord Of The Coffee: Music for the soundtrack 
tune: Upon The Hearth, BBC Radio LOTR

Upon the hearth, the water's hot
And finely grounded beans we've got!
From Rivendell Perk, or Gondorcaf
Or maybe some Erebor stash!
Those beans of gold and silver hue
We got when Lothlorien we went through;
EregionRoast and Rohanaroama
Will leave us in a caffeine-coma!
DeadMarsh brew is bitter drink
And Morgulcocoa is black as ink;
(I'll wake you up, that is for sure
But in Middle-earth, there is no cure!)
I think we'll stick with Shire Sludge
Our drink of choice, served best with fudge!

for Jatamasi for planting the idea in my head... thanks a lot! (heavy sarcasm)

Ode to a cup of Joe
Galadriel's song of welcome to
The Fellowship of the Cup

I sang of beans, of beans of gold;
and beans of gold here brews
Of leaves I sang, and leaves there came
in lovely greenish hews.

They taste so great served with a plate
of cookies... try a few!
And ever I enjoy my Chai
or yummy Tiramisu.

O Lori-and-a-danish is
my cafe away from home.
The tea is flowing in the cup,
the milk does steam and foam!
O Danish Land! Thou art so grand;
thy hills of fresh-baked pies,
I can eat all that and not get fat,
(and see all the handsome guys!!)

But no more cakes; my belly aches
And my waistline is too tight.
What use is there pulling my hair
I can't eat another bite!

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