Bucklebury's LotR Parody

An ongoing role-play parody by various fans originally on Bucklebury.net, now at the Fellowship of Middle-earth.

Cast List  -  last updated 3/22/07

So far we have:
Aragorn - (to Lorien) Bluebell
Aragorn - (post Lorien) Laiquendi
Arwen - Avondster
Balrog - Carnen
Barrow wight ("Rags")- Lothithil
Bilbo - Bluebell (Evelyn)
Bill Ferny - Camellia Took
Bill the Pony - Tori*Took, MasterBags (Kimby)
Boromir - (to Rivendell) Hobbitlove
Boromir - (post Rivendell to Lorien) Vison
Boromir - (post Lorien) Linaewen
Boromir's Ghost - Linaewen
Butterbur - Beriain
Cave Troll ("Bags")- Carnen
Celeborn - The Black Rider & Linaewen
Denethor - Linaewen
Elrond- Camellia Took
Elladan and Elrohir (FotR) - Lothithil
Entwives - Beriain
Eomer- Agape4Rivendell
Eowyn - Daughter of Kings
Faramir - Linaewen
Farmer Maggot - Camellia Took
Figwit - Camellia Took
Fredegar Bolger - Tinidril
Frodo - Prim
Galadriel - (pre-Moria) Tinidril
Galadriel - (post Moria) Azaelia
Galadriel's Mirror - Doctor Gamgee
Gandalf the Grey - (pre Rivendell) Magic Dreamer
Gandalf the Grey - (post Rivendell) Dinledhwen
Gandalf the White - Evelyn
Gimli (to Lorien) - Avondster
Gimli (Lorien to Amon Hen) - Daughter of Kings
Gimli (TTT) - Erech the Undead
Glorfindel - Doctor Gamgee
Goldberry - Prim
Gollum - (pre Rivendell) Tinidril
Gollum - (Rivendell to Lorien) Kimby
Gollum - (post Lorien) Agape4Rivendell
Gorbag - (open)
Grishnakh - Primula
Gwaihir the Mosquito-Hawk - Evelyn
Haldir - Beriain
Harry Goatleaf - Lothithil
Hob & Nob - Dr. Gamgee
Inspector Orc - Tori*Took
Ioreth - Prim
Legolas (FotR) - Lothithil
Legolas (TTT) - Dinledhwen
Lobelia - Kestrel
Lurtz - (pre Lorien) sean_macleod
Lurtz - (post Lorien) Captain Peregrine
Merry - (Shire) Stef Brandybuck
Merry - (Bree to Moria) MasterBag (Kimby)
Merry - (Moria to Lorien) Doctor Gamgee
Merry - (Lorien to Amon Hen) Dinledhwen
Merry - (TTT) MerryK
Old Gaffer - Prim
The One Ring- Prim
Orcs - (pre Lorien) Hobbitifyed_friend, sean_macleod, The Black Rider
Orcs - (post Lorien through Amon Hen) Captain Peregrine
Orcs - (Amon Hen to Fangorn) Primula
Pippin - (to Moria) Carnen
Pippin - (post Moria to Amon Hen) Silivren Ithildin
Pippin - (TTT) Eruvanne (with Daughter of Kings)

Quickbeam (FotR) - Beriain
Quickbeam (TTT) -
Rosie Cotton (FotR) - Orangeblossom Took
Rosie Cotton (RotK) -
Sam - (Shire to Bree) Tori*Took
Sam - (Bree to Rivendell) MasterBag
Sam - (Rivendell to Lorien) Dr. Gamgee
Sam - (post Lorien) Ladyhawk
Saruman - (pre Lorien) The Foe Hammer & Tori*Took
Saruman - (post Lorien) Captain Peregrine
Shagrat -
Shelob - (to Lorien) Hobbitifyed_friend
Shelob - (Lorien to Amon Hen) Kimby
Shelob - Celeborn17
Snaga -
Theoden - Vison
Tom Bombadil - Hobbitifyed_friend & Lothithil
Treebeard - Doctor Gamgee
Ugluk - Primula
Watcher in the Water (Larry the Leviathan) - Doctor Gamgee
Wormtongue - (pre Lorien) Cardlothian
Wormtongue - (post Lorien) Prim
Witch King - Doctor Gamgee
Wraiths - (FotR) The Black Rider & Bex
Wraiths - .....

With cameo appearances by:

Bob the Extra - Hobbitlove
The Bucklebury Fairy - Bluebell

Captain Willy Wonka - Lothithil
The Flet Guys - Carnen
Fred the Man-Eating Monster - Vison
Harry Potter - Tori*Took
Marty Feldman as Marty Feldman Should Have Been - Vison
Old Forest Caterers - MasterBag
Rick Cottontree - Evelyn
Rumli the Flet Guy - Carnen
Smokey the Bear - Prim
Tiffany, Queen of the Aphids - Doctor Gamgee
Denny & Arthur Orc - Doctor Gamgee
Oobleck Orc - Prim

Also Featuring...

Cousin Hand, The Heavy Hand of Foreshadowing and The Hand of Fate