Rivendell International Airport

by Primula


Meanwhile, the others were considering some of the signs mounted on the walls nearby.

"Look at that, Merry…"  Pippin pointed with some longing at the sign displaying a flight to SRX in the Shire, continuing on to MDX along the coast. 

Merry sighed. "You know, I've lived all my life near the Shire Airport, but I've never been over the hills to Mithlond.  I've heard it's got great fish chowder and a boffo view from the café."

Frodo considered the sign.  "I didn't know they'd opened an air-strip in Erebor.  I wonder if that's how Bilbo got over there."

"Which one is Erebor?" Merry asked.

"Right there, ERX.  See? It's connecting through Mirkwood, it must be Erebor."

"Irks?" read Pippin, "Why ever did they call it that?"

"Must have been because of all the Dwarves over there," Merry whispered with a grin.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," growled Gimli behind him.

Somewhere behind them an announcement came over the speakers, "Glorfindel, please meet your party at the baggage claim area… Flight #2570 departing to Rohan with local connection available to Dunharrow now boarding at Gate 4. "

They turned around as a growing sound of bongos approached them.  A large group of hairy Wild Men gamboled past them beating small drums and waving tickets, quickly making their way around the bend that sported a large number 4.  Three tall blonde men who smelled strongly of horses ran after them, followed by a clump of somethings vaguely man-shaped, grey-green and see-through that stood their hair on end.  A handful of tickets floated along with them as they silently slid around the same corner.

There was a long moment of silence.

"At least that's not our flight," Gimli finally offered.  "Stood my hair on end, those last ones did."

They all nodded again in silence.

"Good, I see you're finally holding your tongues" Gandalf observed as he and Sam rejoined the group. 

They just looked at one another.  "Nevermind," Aragorn covered.  "Now, how about that security check?"