Rivendell International Airport

by Primula


They followed him back into a corner and gathered around the hard seats bolted there.  He stood, conveniently hidden behind a large potted plant, and rummaged in his pocket.  A thick piece of paper was drawn out and unfolded revealing a neat stack of rectangular tickets.

"These," he said significantly, "are your tickets. Keep them safe, for we won't be able to find more.  You remember our destination…" 

Merry raised his hand. "Mordor?"

"Shhh!" the others hissed at him. "Quiet!"

"That was not only indiscreet, but incorrect, Meriadoc," Gandalf admonished to the blushing hobbit.  He handed out the tickets and lowered his voice. "Look at the ticket, what do you see?"

Frodo considered his. "Guh-ducks."

"Or maybe Goo-dough?" Boromir offered, "If it's pronounced like they do in Dol Amroth."

"That's letters, GDX, not a word," Aragorn said.

"I thought it might be Elven," Sam said, rotating his to look at it from another angle. "So, what's GDX then?"

"It is the symbol for the airport of Gondor."

"Oh, of course. I knew that," Boromir fumbled.

"What do they call it in your country?" Legolas asked him.

"Uh. The Airport."

"Very practical," Gimli nodded.

"This airport, the one you are standing in, is the other symbol, RVX."

"I thought those were numbers," Gimli said.  "Good thing we brought you along."

The wizard ignored him. "Look at these symbols and remember them.  If anything happens so that our Fellowship is split up, you will need to be able to find your way to the proper gate or you will miss the flight.  But also remember, we are traveling in secret! That is why we are not taking the flight into…that other place."

"M… " Merry started and clapped a hand over his own mouth.

"Gondor has a busy enough airport they shouldn't pay us any mind. If anyone asks, we are merely traveling there for a holiday.  Once we are safely there the Steward will be able to help us arrange transport into…elsewhere."

Aragorn looked concerned, but Boromir nodded. "Of course!"

"Now, stay together.  We still have to pass Security before we can get to the gate, but with our papers all in order it shouldn't be too hard." He glanced at the ticket in his hand.  "Our flight is number 3019. "

"Which airline?" Boromir asked.

"GwaihAir.  BeastAir would have been cheaper, but Elrond considered it unpredictable and was quite firm, something about the management.  We shall look for our flight on that list over there and it will tell us which gate we are to go to."

They followed him towards the posted listing. "I'm sure glad we have him," Sam said to Frodo as they walked. "I would have been lost in this place already otherwise.  And look, Mr. Frodo," he pointed to a sign they were passing.  "What does that mean, you think?"

"Put liquids, gels or pastes in a baggie?" Frodo read. "I have no idea."

"You don't think they know about… well, you - do you?" Sam whispered, wide-eyed.

"That's baggie, not Bagg…" Frodo started before catching himself.

"There is much strange about this place," Legolas commented as he passed them.

Sam nodded and tugged on the rope in his hand. "Come on, Bill."