Rivendell International Airport

by Primula


"What?" all three said in confusion.

Legolas stepped forward and reached out a hand for it. "I let my friend borrow it earlier.  So sorry." 

"Oh!" the two Elves said, "Well, in that case…" 

"Oh yes, just borrowed it…was holding it for him while he had his coffee…" Gandalf said, going along with it.  The wizard passed the flask to Legolas who gave him another wink and tucked it in his belt.

Gandalf walked through the gate, forgetting to walk like an old man.  No buzzer sounded.

"Well, that was interesting," Merry observed from over at the wall.  "But what about old Gimli over there?"

"Do you think they'll let him through?" Sam asked. "'It would be a shame for him to have come all this way just to get left behind in the airport."

"They're sure searching him," Frodo said.

Gimli was, in fact, blushingly down to his skivvies but his metal beard clips were now giving him problems.

The Elven guard pulled out a pair of scissors.  "If you won't remove those metal clips from that disgusting beard, we'll may just have to cut them off."

Gimli was aghast. "Cut my beard?!"

"Beard-growers are known troublemakers anyway.  It's a proven fact."

The dwarf was livid. "Proven fact?  Well, you know what I say to that?  Zun kisda nunstruck gitund zlotermeyer-ja!  Flizzenkolt!" He groped for one of the discarded axes.

The Elf frowned and adjusted his hold on the scissors.  It might have gone ill indeed except for Legolas suddenly calling out.  "Hold!"

"What?" the guard asked as Legolas came up to him. He pointed at Gimli accusingly.  "This one is a dwarf!"

"So he is, but it's no fault of his own is it?  He was brought along with our group to provide amusement and help with the camp chores.  Go ahead and let him through.  He'll need all his metal too."

The guard looked doubtful. "Well, if you say so…"

"I….I am not….you!" blustered Gimli. "Chores….!"

Legolas just gave him a serene smile.  "No doubt the Gondorians will find him even more amusing than we do.  Now gear up and go help the others, they'll soon be in need of sandwiches and coffee, and don't forget to I need my bowstring rewaxed this evening."

The guard shrugged and left Gimli to struggle back into this things. Legolas casually hummed a tune and strolled back to the first set, handing them his ticket.

"Legolas Greenleaf?" one of them read.  "From Mirkwood?"

"None other," he said. "Sorry for any problems my father's performing troupe caused for you.  Oh, and here, I have these two knives but they're harmless, and everything else is all natural fibers."

"Of course," they grinned.

Legolas took out a white paper bag with 'Rivendeli' on it. "I bought too many of these, you wouldn't mind finishing them for me, would you?"

"Lembas-on-a-stick!" One of the guards said, peering into the bag. "Thanks."

"No problem. Have a great day and say hi to everyone back at the Hall for me will you?" Legolas said.  He slipped around the gate instead of through it but the guards didn't comment. 

Suddenly spinning around he gave a graceful snap of his fingers. "Oh! One more thing.  You don't mind if I take that bin off your hands?  I let them borrow these things and look what they do with them."  He rolled his eyes at the antics of all those crazy non-Elves and nudged a guard with an elbow.  The guards laughed and nodded along with him as he deftly rolled the bin of weapons away.

"Come along!" he sang back at the staring Fellowship. "As soon as our Dwarf rejoins us, we need to catch that flight!"

"Elves," Gimli growled, continuing with an unintelligible reply as he pulled his hauberk back over his head. 

It was probably just as well.

"Thank you for choosing Rivendell International Airport."