Rivendell International Airport

by Primula


Boromir stood next to Aragorn, who was leaning against the far wall surrounded by hobbits.  "This bodes ill for our venture," he noted.

"Ya think?" grumbled Aragorn. 

Sam looked up from where they were dividing up Pippin's cheese among them.  "What are they going to do with all our things?  I mean, do you think we'll ever get them back?  I don't know about how important all those other things are, but that pan was my Gaffer's and his before him."

"Maybe they run a hock-shop on the side," Merry suggested.  They glared at him so strongly he took a step backwards. "What? I just...well, it's a possibility."

Behind and to the side, Gimli dropped another belt-buckle onto the pile and began systematically removing coins from various small pockets, the lining of his cloak and the hems of his shirt.  Being a Dwarf, he had apparently brought along more money than any of them had thought possible.  "Now I better get every coin of this back. I know exactly how much is there, and I'm not offering any tips for good service," he groused, nearly as red as his beard.

"Attention all passengers.  Flight # 3019 with service to Gondor has been delayed due to inclement weather.  Repeat, Flight #3019 has been delayed."

Legolas ambled back to the line, a steaming cup with "Bruinen Beans" emblazoned across it and a half-eaten bagel in hand.  "Is everyone through?" he asked Gandalf.

"Everyone but you and I." Gandalf was vastly relieved that it was nearly done, though he hadn't counted on their losing so many valuable things along the way. " It's been taking us so long, it's probably just as well that our flight's been delayed a bit.  We seem to have a bit of trouble getting our supplies through."
Legolas took an unconcerned swig of his latte and gave Gandalf a wink.

"Next!" one of the guards called. 

Not sure what to make of the wink, Gandalf had to leave it for later.  Gathering his robes, he stepped forward and handed over his ticket. 

"Ridnarhtim?" the guard read. He peered at Gandalf and his hat.  "Any relation to Radagast?"

"Perhaps," Gandalf said. "but without any livestock."  He dug in his pockets and dropped a couple coins and a paperclip in the bin.  Unlacing his boots, he dropped them in then checked his pouch.  From this he extracted a small bag of toffees and popped one in his mouth. 


"No bribes," the guard replied stiffly.

"Only being polite," Gandalf said.  Keeping a carefully neutral expression on his face he unbuckled Glamdring and allowed it to be placed in the bin with Sting, Anduril and the rest.

"Is there anything in that hat?" they asked suspiciously. 

"Only rabbits."


"It was a joke."

"No inappropriate jokes," the guard intoned.

"That was hardly inappropriate," Gandalf chuckled. "Would you like to hear an inappropriate one?  Once there were these two Elves walking along a river and the one Elf says to the other…"

"What about that staff?" the second guard interrupted.  "Isn't that a weapon?"

"I am old! I know you get to be ageless, but you really need to remember not everyone does.  My knees are ancient and my legs downright tottery.  You wouldn't part an old man from his walking stick, would you?"

"Well…." said one.

The other wasn't so snowed by the friendly twinkle or grandfatherly smile. "Hand it over." 

Gandalf paused, clenching his hands on his precious staff. "It's only to lean upon."

"Then you cannot pass!"

"Surely you don't think I would..."

"Are you being uncooperative?" the guard asked, reaching for his silver bell.

The wizard clenched his eyes shut for a moment.   "Very well…"  The staff left his hands.

He walked through the gate.


Gandalf frowned at that, honestly perplexed.  "Now what could that be?"  He patted all of his pockets again, then suddenly held up a finger.  "Aha, I know."  Rummaging, he soon extracted a small metal flask.

"What's in it?" one of the curious guards asked.

"Miruvor," Gandalf said.  "And a fine vintage too."

Their eyes lit up and one even licked his lips.  "Miruvor? I'm afraid we'll have to confiscate that.  No liquids you know."  They both reached out for the flask.

"Just a moment!" Legolas' voice came. "That's mine!"