Rivendell International Airport

by Primula

  2008 MEFA Award, 1st Place


"Welcome to Rivendell International Airport."

"Are you sure this is safe?" Boromir asked, eyeing the ebb and flow of travelers through the concourse.

"I still think we should have taken the train," said Aragorn.

"This is perfectly safe," Gandalf said with some annoyance."And much faster than train. Besides, the tracks might be closed at the Pass at this time of year."

"Do not leave baggage unattended."

"Don't worry, Bill, I'm not leaving you behind…" Sam whispered to the heavily-laden pony who followed along after him.  

"This is a nonsmoking terminal.  If smoking is an integral part of your being, please follow the signs to the smoking area to await your flight."

"Sounds like you," Pippin grinned, nudging Merry with an elbow.

"Elven Express Members please proceed to gate number 3."

"I wonder if they're going west?" Legolas wondered with a note of longing in his voice.

"Elven Express. Phah!" Gimli muttered, barely catching himself short of spitting.

"Please refrain from making inappropriate jokes or remarks about security." 

"What are inappropriate jokes?" Pippin wondered.

"Just….don't say anything," Aragorn advised, striding past him.

"Why not?" Pippin persisted.

"About what?" Merry asked, his mind obviously wandering off towards displayed snacks at a nearby kiosk.

"Huh?" asked Sam.

"Never mind," Frodo said.  "We're falling behind.  Come on!"

"Will passengers Ugluk and Shagrat please report to the boarding desk. Mr. Luk and Mr. Rat, please report to the boarding desk."

"What kind of names are those?" Pippin asked.

"Yrch," Legolas said.

"What? Yuck?"

Aragorn frowned. "Not a good sign if they are also traveling south.  I wonder what flight they're on?"

"We have bigger things to worry about," Gandalf said, brushing it off.  "Everyone over here.  Let's be certain we all understand what we're doing.  No, no comments. Now everyone be quiet and just listen."