Young Frodo

by Overlithe

part3  1368    Surprise

“Mr. Baggins! Come Quickly!”  The words echoed in his head, a dark foreboding entered his heart.

            He feared the worst, he had already lost his child and now he would lose his wife. He rushed to her bedside when the midwife called again.  Blood so much blood he didn’t know where it all came from he felt faint.  “The afterbirth came out with out problem Mr. Baggins the blood is normal,” May informed him as she watched his face pale with fear.  “Then what, what is it!  Is she going to die?” The words were wrenched from him and he collapsed kneeling by his unconscious wife’s head.

            “No Mr. Baggins she’ll not die,” she said simply.  “It’s just that well there seems to be a bit of a surprise here.” Drogo was in no mood for riddles and let it be known. “What are you talking about, speak lass!”  May cringed a bit at the volume of Drogo’s words but she gathered herself quickly and answered the frightened Hobbit. “We’re not quite through here; Mr. Baggins there seems to be another baby.”

            “Ano….What! But how?”  Drogo stuttered and then left his mouth hanging open in an expression of surprise and wonder.  “What must I do?” He asked after he had gathered his wits.

“Get a cool cloth and sponge off your wife’s face sir we must waken her to deliver the second infant.”

“Is this baby…..alive?”  Drogo was afraid to ask but he had to know. He dreaded the answer but waited for it anyway.

“He’s alive and kicking so to speak sir.  Kicking up a storm in there he seems a bit reluctant to come out so we’ll need Primula awake and pushing.  Now go get the cool water and the cloths.”

The time dragged by slowly.  Primrose had been born at 10 in the morning it was now noon. Primula was awake and in a state that Drogo had never seen.  She cried continually convinced that all would be lost before the day was through.  Her contractions had all but stopped for a time but now were again severe and almost constant.  May had been manipulating her belly trying to turn the infant in her womb and encourage labor.  It had worked and now it was time again to push.

Primula stopped crying and tried to do as she was told. May had to become very stern with her in the end.  “Push again now Primula, Stop your crying there is no time now.”

And push she did with all her remaining strength she did this over and over. Then May hollered to her, “Stop! Don’t push dear breath!”  May gently uncoiled the cord from the child’s neck and released a breath she had been holding.  “OK dear push gently now just one little push. That’s it wonderful! Here comes the baby.”

Primula waited to hear the baby cry but the silence that followed was deafening.  Drogo sat on the floor beside her head and gripped her hand tightly.  May picked up the baby after tying the cord and turned away from the couple.  The tears began silent and heart wrenching.  The two grief stricken parents clung to each other.

“It’s a boy” the midwife proclaimed.

“Was, you mean don’t you?” Drogo sputtered through his tears.

“No Mr. Baggins, I mean you have a son.”

“Primula propped herself up, “you mean he is alive!”

May looked confused but turned to them, yes he’s fine.  A lovely boy, here see for yourselves.  She turned and handed the wrapped bundle to Drogo.  He stared down at his newborn son.  His son, he had a son. “Look at him Prim! He’s simply the most beautiful child in the world!  He has great grandmother Bagginses hair, look how dark it is.”  He handed the child to his mother.

Primula Baggins looked gently at her son in disbelief.  The grief remained in her heart at the loss of her daughter yet she was forced to feel joy for the child in her arms.  She touched his dark curls and his white skin such a contrast it was remarkable.  The child still had not made a sound but his tiny bow like mouth made gentle suckling movements.  She stroked his smooth perfect cheek and the child opened his eyes and looked at her.  She gasped in disbelief, “those eyes!”  She had never seen eyes that color before.  No one on her side of the family had eyes that blue.  Perhaps it was a Baggins trait.  She looked to her husband and smiled warmly.  “So Drogo, what is his name to be?

Drogo hesitated only a moment. He had only one name he had considered a name he had kept in his heart since he had first heard it. It seemed very fitting now a name from his heart for the child of his heart.

“His name will be Frodo.  It has a good sound to it, do you like it dearest?”

“Yes I do, very much.  Hullo, Frodo Baggins.”


part 4   Frodo

1368, 22 September

            “Hullo Frodo Baggins”.  Primula greeted her son as he was handed to her.  “Happy birthday little one,” she tickled his cheek with her finger and the child turned his face mouth open and searching.  “Hungry are you?”  She laid him on the bed before her and unwrapped him.  She looked at her tiny son he was too small.  He was a twin and 4 weeks early he weighed only 3 pounds. But he was perfect.

She counted his little fingers and marveled at his tiny fingernails.  He had the softest hair she had ever felt.  She loved the warm brown color. She traced her finger gently down his nose and over his lips. He had such soft skin and was so light of complexion.  Her husband had been correct he was absolutely the most beautiful hobbit she had ever seen.  He was sure to keep her busy the midwife had warned that such a tiny infant would need to be fed at least every two hours she would have to wake him to feed him if needed.  She was also to keep him close to her own body as much as possible.  That part was easy she never wanted to put him down. He was a gift, he was special and yet though everything seemed fine she still held an unknown fear in her heart.

Primula laughed out loud at her tiny son.  He had grown chilled as she had inspected him and was preparing to complain.  His little brow-line was creased into a tiny frown and he was making irritated noises.  Primula quickly finished inspecting and changing the babe and rewrapped him tightly.  But not before he voiced his displeasure at being undressed and cold.  Primula thought he had the sweetest voice she had ever heard even while crying.  He hushed as he was bundled up and fed.

Frodo was scarcely 6 hours old and already Primula knew every little freckle by heart.  She was concerned though his appetite didn’t seem what it should be.  But the midwife was not concerned.  She looked down and again Frodo was asleep he had fallen asleep thus every time he was nursed.  Primula sighed at the peaceful look on his face and smiled.  She laid him on the bed beside her and covered him.

Frodo taken care of for the moment Primula allowed her thoughts to return to her other child.  Frodo would never know Primrose his beautiful sister.  A tear of grief escaped her swollen eyes. She wondered that she had any tears left.  The two children looked remarkably alike but starkly different. It was odd how they could be so different and yet so similar she thought.  Primrose though her face had a deathly hue, her skin elsewhere was far darker than Frodo’s. Her hair had been the golden blonde like the Took’s whose blood she bore.  Their features were almost identical.  She would have been a dazzling beauty Primula thought.

It had been horribly painful but it had been something she knew she needed to do.  Shortly after Frodo’s first feeding was through and he was laid down for his first nap she had called the midwife to her side.  “I need to see my daughter again.” She had said. The midwife had tried to discourage her but she had insisted.  She and Drogo with Frodo asleep nearby had inspected their little girl.  They needed to memorize her little features and say a proper goodbye.

Drogo had at Primula’s request pulled out a little box from the wardrobe.  She had opened it to reveal the treasure it held.  It was a tiny pale yellow dress with a drawstring at the bottom.  Primula had made it herself convinced the child she bore was a maid.  She quietly wept and dressed the babe in the dress that was made for her.  It was too large but the dress was nonetheless beautiful.  She then wrapped the child in a blanket and again called for the midwife.

It was the most difficult thing she had ever done.  Primula wept bitterly as she handed over her child for the last time.  May Burrows, after a few last instructions to the new parents took the infant to prepare her for burial.  The child would be laid to rest in two days.

Her son again pulled Primula from her thoughts. He was making contented little noises in his sleep.  The tears is her eyes dried and she laid down next to Frodo holding him close and wrapping her body around him for both his warmth and her own comfort.

She sent up a silent prayer still her soul ached yet she was thankful for the mixed blessings of the day.  Primula at last fell asleep exhausted thinking of the little miracle beside her.  “Sleep well Frodo Baggins”, she whispered into his sweet smelling curls, “Sleep well.”