Young Frodo

by Overlithe


1 A labor of love

“It was too early!”  Primula Baggins thought to her self as the first labor pains took hold of her in the early hours of September 22.  She didn’t bother to awaken Drogo there was nothing to be done if the child was ready to come then come she would.  Primula worried over her unborn child as she had repeatedly through the long hot summer.  She felt a growing fear for the baby and perhaps the early delivery was enough to explain it.  But somehow she thought that there was more.

She tossed and turned until before dawn when the pains became severe and she was finally forced to awaken her husband to go off in search of the midwife.  She pondered the names she had chosen for the babe if it were a girl as she suspected, she would be Primrose.  The boy’s name she had left up to Drogo, the child should have a name fitting a Baggins.  Any offspring of theirs was sure to be an interesting combination.  It was not a usual pairing; her self-being half Took and half Brandybuck and her husband a Baggins.  All three families were known for their own oddities and individuality and adventuresome ways.  And that also was reason for worry and concern for her child.

“OHH! Do hurry Drogo!” She thought aloud as another more severe pain gripped her abdomen.  Then she soothingly spoke to her child.  “Now, now baby what is your hurry,” then to her self, “relax, you must relax.”  She drew in a deep breath and blew it out slowly.  Primula smiled sweetly thinking about the baby.  She had waited a long time to become a proper Hobbit Mum.  She was 48 years old still young but almost she had begun to think she would never have children.  Just when she had given up hope it had happened.  Was it only just last winter that she had realized that she was finally to have the child that she longed for?

Drogo had taken long to speak for her and they had been married now for 10 years.  Her beloved husband was now 60 years old and in the prime of his adult life.  For years Primula had turned away suitors in hopes of snaring the elusive Baggins.  For a while she thought he would follow his Cousin Bilbo’s example and declare himself a bachelor forever.  Bilbo had done so when he had returned from his adventures he showed no interest in settling down or taking a wife and Drogo adored him.  Sixteen years passed from the time Bilbo returned and their marriage.  It had been Bilbo who finally convinced Drogo that he should indeed marry.  “Drogo my friend,” he had said, “Someone must carry on the Baggins name besides those blasted Sackville Bagginses!  You had best set to courting that fine Primula before she tires of your games.”

Primula chuckled deeply even now thinking about it. She wondered if Drogo would have ever gotten around to it had Bilbo not given him that first nudge out of the door so to speak.  Suddenly; she was gripped with another labor pain and she felt the soft pop and the liquid saturating her undergarments and dress.  “Well I guess that’s that she thought no turning back now the baby would come now too early or not.  Odd that this should happen today of all days, on Bilbo’s birthday she shook her head.  He would try and lay claim on the child, she knew how strange he was about his birthday.  She decided she wasn’t going to fight it worse things could happen to her child than to be favored by a rich eccentric cousin.  She would have Drogo send word to “Uncle Bilbo” as soon as possible.


part2    A Tragic Loss


Drogo returned to find his beloved in bed and coated with a fine sheen of sweat.  Her breath panting and her eyes were fearful.  “Where is the midwife?” She managed when the pain had subsided.  “She is on her way she had a few things she was in the middle of.”   Primula glared at him, “I’ll give her in the middle of…..OHHH… Blast that hobbit I knew she was undependable.  Wait until I see her that ridiculous May Burrows does she think I would send for her too early?”

            Drogo stood by helplessly listening to his wife.  From what he had been told she was probably close to delivering. He had heard that females became irritable at such times. “ Drogo!” she screamed his name snapping his attention to her fully.  He knelt at her side.  “Yes Prim what do you want me to do?  Shall I go and drag the midwife here?” “No, she took several breaths, no time for that you’re going to have to do it.”

            The room suddenly became very small and hot. Were the walls moving?  He felt the color drain from his face.  “Drogo, help me!” Primula gasped.   “How, what do I do?”

Primula suddenly laughed at her husband, “How do I know!”  She gasped.  “Just make sure the babe doesn’t fall. The mid wife says you just have to catch the baby.”

            Drogo Baggins was beside himself and in near panic.  But somehow he managed to steel himself and pull back the covers and attempt to do what his wife asked him.  Another pain wracked her body and she screamed his name.  Drogo had never seen such a thing and hoped to heaven above he never had to again.  No wonder lasses screamed during child birth he thought.  Just as he was about to lose his battle and pass out the midwife arrived. May quickly took stock of the situation and gently pushed Drogo away from the scene.  He gave way easily and landed on the floor next to the bed with a thud.

            “All right mistress Baggins, I see I have delayed a bit over long your babe will come in just a few good pushes.  Are you alright lass?”  “I think so.” Primula panted.

“Good then dear as soon as the next pain comes you hold your breath and push hard but listen to me talk to ye.”  Primula nodded as she already felt the next onslaught of agony begin.  And so she pushed, hard she had been trying not to push before and it was a relief to have the midwifes trained hands there.  “One more Primula dear and your babe will be here come on now push!  She obeyed and gave one last push with all her strength and she felt the infant pass from her body.

            Primula held her breath waiting for the crying but none came.  She braced herself for what the midwife would tell her.  It was too early the child had died.  She watched as May lifted the limp blue form up and turned away from her and she knew her baby was gone.  She shed silent tears and waited…..

            “I am sorry Primula”. She knew what words would follow and she looked at May as she approached.  It was a maid child.  That was it that was all she had to say. Sorry! Sorry!  Her baby was dead and she was sorry!  Drogo remained sitting stunned but recovering to support his wife.  “What happened May is their something wrong with her?”  “Twas the cord master Baggins it was tight on her neck.  There was nothing I could do for her.”

            “Give her to me!” It was Primula’s grief stricken voice that cried out.  May handed the infant wrapped in a blanket.  “She is so perfect, so beautiful, Look at her Drogo.”  They looked and they wept and held her.  The after pains began and they were severe.  Primula handed the bundle to Drogo still weeping.  “Say goodbye to our daughter Primrose, Drogo. I am sorry.” Primula passed out from the pain and the grief.

Drogo gently took the little bundle and stared at her.  She had golden hair and a tiny straight nose. Indeed she looked to be asleep and peaceful yet her color gave the truth weight.  His daughter was gone. He kissed her little head and wept, Goodbye Primrose, goodbye.

He placed her in the cradle for he did not know what else to do. As he did so his heart was pierced with fear.   “Mr. Baggins! Come quickly!