For Ten Thousand Years will not Suffice by Agape4Rivendell

Second Age

2475      Osgiliath ruined; Bridge broken

2900     Cair Andros refortified by Turin II


2905     Ithilien almost totally deserted; Henneth Annún built.
            Thengel born to Fengel of Rohan.

2910     Henneth Annún refortified by Turin II

2917     Prince Adrahil born 

Third Age

2475    Osgiliath ruined; Bridge broken

2900    Cair Andros refortified by Turin II

2901    Ithilien almost totally deserted; Henneth Annún built

2905    Thengel born to Fengel of Rohan

2910    Henneth Annún refortified by Turin II

2917    Prince Adrahil born   

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Rían - Wife of Ecthelion; mother of Denethor
Ecthelion - Heir to the Steward of Gondor; father of Denethor
Turgon - Steward of Gondor; father of Ecthelion
Adanedhel Master Healer
***Events - Denethor is born; Rían dies

***Events - Denethor catches his first 'Orc' at age 6

Indis - Eldest daughter of Ecthelion; sister to Denethor
Morwen - Middle child of Ecthelion; sister to Denethor
Fengel - King of Rohan; father to Thengel
Thengel - Fengel's son; Prince of Rohan; living in Minas Tirith; Captain in Ecthelion's personal guard
Angelimir - Prince of Dol Amroth and Belfalas
Curunír - White Wizard
Amdir - Friend to Denethor
Lords of Lamedon, Lossarnach, Lebennin, etc.
***Events - Denethor receives his first horn; meets Curunír for the first time

Cranthir - Captain of Osgiliath; brother of Rían; uncle of Denethor
Ingold - Captain of the Horse Guard; Amdir's father
Elleth - Ingold's wife; Amdir's mother
***Events - Adventure in Ithilien; Denethor relegated to Ingold's care in punishment

***Events - Ingold Promoted to Captain of the Tower Guard; family moves from 4th to 6th Level; Thengel Promoted to Captain of Horse Guard

Gwinhir - Swordmaster to Denethor
***Events - Denethor turns 12; Amdir made esquire with Horse Guard; Cranthir dies in Orc ambush; Denethor moves back into his quarters in the Citadel; Indis meets Elleth; Denethor meets Curunír in the library; Ingold promoted to Captain of the Tower Guard; Ecthelion and Denethor reconciled; Denethor is stationed under Thengel in Horse Guard

Morwen - Of Lossarnach in the bloodline of Angelimir; Thengel's affianced
***Events - Thengel & Morwen wed; take house on the 6th Level; Denethor has frightening meeting with Curunír in library

Húrin - Captain of Osgiliath
Durahil - Lord of Gondor; member of Ecthelion's Council
Horses - Nahir, Thengil's mount; Rochallor, Denethor's mount; Hros, Amdir's mount
Berthil - Father of Morwen
Ciramir - 2nd to Thengel; Captain
Arciryas - Healer stationed with Thengel's Horse Guard
Council - Ingold, Gwinhir, Durahil & Inlach
Inlach - Captain of the Rangers
Firieth - Healer's assistant
***Events - Denethor promoted to lieutenant; Amdir promoted to lieutenant; assigned to Horse Guard; Visit to Morwen's village-Lossarnach - 11 leagues from MT; Farm on the banks of the River Erui; Surprise fishing trip with Thengel and Amdir on Mindolluin; Denethor receives his first battle wound; Amdir runs from the battle; Morwen loses her unborn babe
Battle*** Battle of the Crossings; site 15 leagues from MT; South Road in good condition

Ivriniel - Princess of Dol Amroth; born this year
Listöwel - Friend of Indis; was handmade for one of Adrahil's cousins
Damrod - Soldier of Gondor
Findegon - Ranger and Captain of Gondor
Hild - 1st child of Thengel; born this year
***Events - Vision of beleaguered Minas Tirith by Denethor; Indis, Thengel, Morwen, and Amdir travel to Dol Amroth; Amdir meets Listöwel; Mapping expedition to North Anórien; Denethor and Amdir wounded in ambush by Orcs; Expedition to find hidden garrison in Ithilien; Cair Andros Refortified; Amdir recalls fire in Rath Dínen; Henneth Annûn found; Denethor must break a promise and loses face.
Battle*** Battle of the Entwash, Northern Anórien

Dúinhir - Of Blackroot Vale: Denethor's aide; field commission to lieutenant by Ciramir
Baranor - New recruit from Lebennin; raised to Denethor's aide
Damrod - Babe; only survivor of attack on Emyn Arnen; grandchild of Findegon
Eledhwen - Morwen's maidservant; Shieldmaiden of Rohan
Théoden - Morwen and Thengel's son born
Thorongil - Man from the North serving Thengel
***Events - Morwen pregnant; Thengel leads sortie to Emyn Arnen with Denethor and Amdir; Discover Orcs have attacked Ranger village; Denethor and Amdir badly burned; Henneth Annûn's men recalled by Thengel's order; Denethor and Amdir recover; Denethor recalls a meeting with Curunír in which the wizard shows him a Palantír; Indis, Morwen, and Listöwel begin sword training; Indis marries Arciryas; Amdir marries Listöwel; Amdir promoted to First Lieutenant; Ciramir promoted to Captain of the Horse Guard; Ingold promoted to Captain of the Armies; Thengel promoted to Captain of the Tower Guard; Denethor demoted to esquire and banished to Amon Anwar; Théoden born to Morwen; Húrin still captains Osgiliath

***Events - Amdir sent to garrison at Pelargir
Battle*** Battle of Fenmarch in Rohan

Walda - Third Marshal of the Riddermark; sister-son of Fengel
Thorongil - Man of the North serving Théoden
***Events - Turgon dies; Ecthelion becomes Steward; Fengel dies; Thengel recalled to Rohan as King; Dúinhir promoted to lieutenant in the Horse Guard and aide to Ciramir; Ingold promoted to Captain of Ecthelion's Private Guard; 'Wen murdered by Haradrim in Emyn Arnen; Amdir wounded; Denethor recalled from exile in Amon Anwar, made lieutenant; Dúinhir, Denethor's aide; Ciramir, Captain of Tower Guard.
Battle*** Battle of Emyn Arnen

Éomund - In charge of the Rohirric garrison at the Mering Stream
Amlach - Captain of Eilenach (beacon-hill)
Wose - People of the hills and forests of Drúadan; Wild Men
***Events - Dúinhir promoted to Captain of Rangers now deployed at HA; Damrod -soldier; Denethor Captain of Amon Dîn; Amdir is Denethor's aide and first lieutenant; Denethor makes a promise to Walda; Walda dies of wound fever after Orc ambush; Unease between Rohan & Gondor; Easterlings in Denethor's company; Denethor kidnapped by Wose; has fevered visions; Indis, Listöwel and Arciryas ride to Amon Din for news; Thengel rides to the Drúadan to help in search with three éoreds; Thorongil is Thengel's aide; helps heal Denethor; Thengel returns to Edoras; Thorongil goes to Minas Tirith with Denethor at Thengel's urging; Thorongil joins Ecthelion's army.

***Events - Denethor stationed at Dol Amroth; Denethor asks for Finduilas' hand; she says yes; Thorongil becomes Captain of Ecthelion's personal guard.

Adrahil - Prince of Dol Amroth: son of Prince Angelimir; father of Finduilas
Finduilas - Princess of Dol Amroth; daughter of Prince Adrahil
Amandil - Lord of Gondor; council member; wealthy
Almarian - Lady of Gondor: Amandil's daughter
***Events - Amdir - Captain of Pelargir garrison; Thorongil sent to Dol Amroth to negotiate Denethor's espousal to Finduilas; Denethor stationed at Cair Andros; sortie to North Ithilien; ambushed by Easterlings; Denethor badly wounded; Rochallor killed; Damrod - 2nd in command and aide to Denethor; saved Denethor's life; Denethor demoted to lieutenant for incompetence.
Battle*** North Ithilien ambush

Hathol - Captain of Cair Andros
Éomund - Marshal of the Rohirric garrison of Fenmarch
Guthláf - Banner-bearer of Éomund's company
***Events - Finduilas and Prince Adrahil arrive in Minas Tirith; Denethor sent with full battalion to Cair Andros; Finds battle already won; Damrod, Denethor's aide; Denethor travels to the Rohirric garrison at Fenmarch to procure horses; meets Éomund; Ecthelion gives Thorongil the dirk of Denethor's grandmother; Denethor promoted; Denethor marries Finduilas; Thorongil made Captain of Pelargir; Amdir recalled from Pelargir; captains Amon Dîn.
Battle*** Battle of Cair Andros

Elfhild - Theoden's wife; dies in childbirth
Théodred - Born this year to Elfhild and Théoden
Boromir - First son of Denethor and Finduilas
Éofor - Walda's son; Marshal in Thengel's service
***Events - Arciryas promoted to Master Healer; Finduilas is pregnant; Elfhild, Théoden's wife is pregnant with Théodred; Denethor sent to Cair Andros on sortie; Thorongil returns to Minas Tirith and meets with Ecthelion; Boromir, Heir to the Steward, is born; Amdir injured in battle; Damrod is Amdir's aide; Massacre at Amon Dîn; Amdir relieved of his command; Thengel and Morwen visit Minas Tirith.
Battle*** Massacre of Amon Dîn

Berelach - Aide to Thorongil
Siriondil - Healer of the Houses of Healing
***Events - Thorongil wins Battle of Umbar; leaves Gondor; Amdir made Captain of Osgiliath; Ciramir made Captain of Pelargir; Thengel dies; Théoden becomes King of Rohan; Listöwel, Indis, Amdir, Arciryas and Denethor travel to Edoras for memorial and Théoden's coronation; Mt. Orodruin erupts; Three earthquakes hit; Finduilas suffers; Denethor returns to Minas Tirith; Firieth caregiver for Finduilas; Denethor takes Finduilas to Dol Amroth; Adrahil sends Imrahil to Minas Tirith.
Battle*** Battle of Umbar

Faramir - Second son of Denethor born
Ioreth - Daughter of Firieth; healer's assistant in Houses of Healing
***Events - Denethor made Captain-General; Berelach becomes aide to Denethor; Indis, Elleth, Listöwel and Finduilas serve in the Houses of Healing; Denethor takes Imrahil to Osgiliath for training; Denethor wounded in Orc ambush.
Battle*** Battle of the Harad Road

***Events - Dúinhir becomes Lord of Blackroot Vale; Finduilas goes with Indis and Listöwel to Osgiliath; Finduilas finds 'Kings and Stewards' game; Denethor teaches Boromir how to fish; Ecthelion dies; Denethor becomes 26th Ruling Steward of Gondor

Elphir - Son of Imrahil born

***Events - Firieth dies of fever; Arciryas becomes Denethor's family healer;Siriondil becomes Master Healer; Denethor sends Finduilas to Dol Amroth with Listöwel; Finduilas dies on the road to Dol Amroth; Denethor goes to Emyn Arnen to mourn; Amdir dies in Orc ambush; Berelach is aide to Denethor.

***Events - Listöwel returns from Dol Amroth; she becomes Faramir's nanny; Elleth, Amdir's mother, dies; Ingold rides to Ithilien and is killed by Orcs; Denethor uses the Palantír; Húrin made Captain of East Osgiliath; Amlach made Captain of West Osgiliath; Baranor returns to Lossarnach as Lord; Éomund weds Théodwyn; Denethor, Indis, Arciryas, Boromir and Faramir attend; Denethor and the boys go for an outing.

Gelmir - Captain of Henneth Amrûn
Durahil - Captain of Cair Andros
Gwinhir - Captain of Pelargir
Erchirion - Son of Imrahil born
***Events - Boromir becomes esquire in Gondor's army; Théodwyn pregnant with Éomer; Denethor sees the Plains of Gorgoroth and Barad-dûr in the Palantír; Mithrandir visits Minas Tirith; Faramir meets him; Listöwel, Boromir and Faramir sent to Dol Amroth; Boromir to represent Denethor; Indis and Denethor go to Osgiliath to meet with captains and plan strategies; Forges built in Pelargir and Osgiliath; Imrahil takes Boromir and Faramir to Edhellond; Faramir sees an Elf; Denethor arrives in Dol Amroth; Argument with Adrahil; Denethor follows and meets with his sons in Edhellond.

***Events - Faramir - Becomes esquire in Gondor's army

***Events - Boromir - 1st stationed at Amon Din; Amlach - Captain of West Osgiliath; wounded - retired; becomes tutor to Boromir

Derufin - Aide to Gildor; Dúinhir's son
Duilin - Aide to Gorlim; Dúinhir's son
Gildor - Captain of the First Company of the Citadel; commander of the united forces of South Ithilien during the battle of Emyn Arnen.
Gorlim Captain of the Second Company of the Citadel; nickname 'Tall Man'; commander of the united forces of North Ithilien during the battle of Emyn Arnen
Guilin - Captain of Osgiliath; 4 years older than Boromir
Iorlas Soldier and friend of Boromir
Arthad - Boromir's lieutenant and second; stationed in West Osgiliath for the last 5 years
Ragnor - Lieutenant with Second Company of the Citadel.
***Events - Faramir - falls and almost dies on Mindolluin; Boromir - made Captain-General and Heir to the Stewardship; given the Keys of the Realm; Estrangement between Denethor and Faramir begins; Húrin - Newly promoted Captain of the Third Company of the Citadel, just returned from captaincy of East Osgiliath; Denethor tells Boromir of Curunír; Orcs from the Ephel Dúath attack Osgiliath; Easterlings from the Black Gate attack Cair Andros; Haradrim attack Emyn Arnen;
Battle*** Battle of Emyn Arnen; mûmak is part of Haradric forces against Boromir.

***Events - Éomund - Killed by Orcs, early spring; Théodwyn - Dies in grief, late summer Denethor and Faramir go to Osgiliath to meet with Boromir after long absence; Denethor battles, loses over one thousand men, uses Palantír regularly, casts Faramir from him, repents later; Mithrandir visits Minas Tirith; Théodred - Coming of age ceremony; later that year becomes Third Marshal of the Riddermark; Éomer and Éowyn become wards of Rohan; taken in by Théoden; Faramir confides in Indis; Faramir and Indis go to Edoras; Faramir promoted to Captain of Dol Amroth garrison; Faramir, Imrahil, Elphir and Erchirion go to Edhellond on an adventure; Boromir sent to garrison at base of the Falls of Rauros; returns to Minas Tirith in the late fall; Faramir discovers abandoned Corsair ship.

***Events - Assassination attempt upon Denethor; Berelach (aide) saves him; Boromir is at Cair Andros; Prince Adrahil dies; Faramir goes as Denethor's representative; Berelach promoted to Captain of Cair Andros; Faramir promoted to Captain of Pelargir; Boromir sent to Dol Amroth.

Grima - Son of Galmod; councilor to Théoden
Háma - Doorward of the Golden Hall (Edoras)
***Events - Denethor and family travel to Edoras; Morwen Dies; Indis Dies; Listöwel Dies

***Events - Arciryas dies

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Timeline and Characters for 3017

March 1st Denethor sees Thorongil in the Palantír (late evening); Supper with Boromir; Faramir still in Pelargir.

March 2nd Weekly Council meeting.

March 3rd Thorongil/Gollum (Palantír); Boromir remembers a battle by the Falls of Rauros and the Nindalf (lost 67 men); Supper with Denethor – discussing Faramir and Osgiliath.

March 4th Faramir returns from Pelargir; Nuncheon with Denethor, Boromir and Faramir.

March 5th Boromir and Faramir visit Indis’ grave in Rath Dínen - go on to Mindolluin; Denethor sees the past in the Palantír; then Finduilas; Misses daymeal with his sons; They also miss it – stay too long on the mountain; Boromir & Faramir begin search for Denethor.

March 6th Denethor awakes in the tower; Meets Faramir in his rooms; Reunion and breakfast with Boromir and Denethor and Faramir; Faramir and Boromir discuss Denethor’s behavior; Great Hall – Boromir contemplates the King and the Steward’s role; Boromir and Faramir have words - ends in friendly tussle; Húrin chastises them; Denethor sees attack on patrol at Henneth-Annûn by Easterlings; Sees Easterling army amassed at the Wetwang (Nindalf); Sends errand-rider to Henneth-Annûn to warn them; Boromir takes a company and rides north to prepare for battle (pre-dawn).

March 7th Full Council meeting; Denethor & Faramir bid each other good night; Denethor looks for signs of Boromir; Sees Henneth-Annûn in rest – knows rider has not arrived; Denethor confused - Faramir calms him; Boromir arrives Amon Dîn around 1am; Leaves around 4am; Arrives Cair Andros around 11am; Practice session with men around 6pm; Denethor sends Faramir to Osgiliath; Orders a full battalion to Henneth-Annûn under Faramir; Damrod and Mablung join Faramir.

March 8th Faramir arrives Osgiliath around 1am; Rests; Heads for Henneth-Annûn around 5am; Ambush at 11am; Faramir wounded; Boromir meets the enemy in battle at around 1pm; Battle over by 4pm; Company rests for the night; Denethor ‘sees’ Sauron; Damrod saves Faramir and leads the battalion back towards Osgiliath; Around 4pm – Damrod tends to Faramir’s wounds; Resumes trip to Osgiliath; Faramir unconscious – arrows were poisoned; Denethor and Húrin discuss Warden’s duties, wife for Boromir, and Faramir’s duties; Denethor ‘sees’ signs of Boromir’s victory and vision of Faramir; Faramir and company arrive Osgiliath around 8pm; Damrod decides to leave Osgiliath; Council meeting.

March 9th Boromir leads troops towards Henneth-Annûn; Damrod takes the wounded Faramir and a small company across the Pelennor to Minas Tirith 8am - the trip takes all day; Arrive 9pm; Denethor questions his choice of Húrin as Warden of the Keys; Denethor and Húrin discuss evacuation; Denethor stays by his son’s side all night and most of the next day.

March 10th Denethor heads to Osgiliath; Stopped by Damrod; Sends Derufin instead; Boromir and company reach the pool near Henneth-Annûn; Boromir leaveshis troops and heads with Arthad, his aide, to Henneth-Annûn; Leaves Henneth-Annûn around 1pm; Rider meets him and his company around 5pm; Boromir arrives at the Harad campsite at 6pm; Immediately departs with half a company towards ambush sight.

March 11th Boromir reaches the ambush sight around 2am; Knows Faramir must have commanded the troops; Searches for Faramir; Boromir leaves at 3am and arrives in Osgiliath at around 10am; Mablung and Derufin greet him; Derufin is temporary head of the troops at Osgiliath; Denethor spends half the day with Húrin and Imrahil; Mablung tells Boromir of attack and Faramir’s wounding; Boromir and Derufin reunited; Boromir leaves for Minas Tirith around 2pm; Arrives in the City at 7pm; Immediately goes to the Houses; Faramir and Boromir are reunited; Boromir is too weary to meet with Denethor; He is excused; Denethor again spends the night at Faramir’s sick bed.

March 12th Faramir wakes and shares a dream with Denethor; Their relationship strains even further; Denethor meets with Imrahil, Húrin and Boromir in his study; Boromir visits Faramir, then goes to captain Osgiliath; Council meeting.

March 22nd Boromir returns from Osgiliath; ‘Rescues’ Faramir from the Houses; Meets with Denethor and Imrahil;

March 23rd Betrothal announcement; Awards given; Boromir heads towards Rohan; Denethor and the Palantír; Boromir meets with an angry Captain Guilin; Éomer sets out from the Mering Stream to Edoras; Faramir has relapse.

March 24th Boromir sets out from Amon Dîn to the Mering Stream; Faramir meets with Denethor; Ordered to Osgiliath; Boromir arrives at Eilenach.

March 25th Faramir’s message reaches Boromir; Faramir starts out for Osgiliath; Boromir starts for Nardol and further; Denethor meets with Húrin and Imrahil regarding granaries and such.

March 26th Faramir wakes late afternoon and meets with Derufin; Council meeting.

March 27th Faramir, Derufin, Damrod and Mablung begin refortifying the garrison at Osgiliath; Denethor and Imrahil ride to the Harlond; Denethor turns aside and heads for Osgiliath; Faramir and Denethor meet.

March 28th Boromir reaches the Rohirric garrison at Mering Stream; Refused entry into Rohan; Denethor inspects the Rammas at the Forts and the Harlond.

March 29th Boromir leaves one company behind and rides with the other to Amon Anwar; Company attacked; Arthad in charge of the betrothal ceremony;

March 30th Denethor senses the Palantír only shows his sons when they are dead; Boromir is surrounded and taken captive; Orcs wait until nightfall, then prepare to leave; Faramir comes to Boromir in a dream; Éomer rescues Boromir; Long night’s vigil over Boromir’s broken body; Éomer sends errand-riders to Minas Tirith to notify Denethor of Boromir’s wounding;

April 1st Mardil meets with Éomer; Mardil sends troops to find and destroy the Orcs; Denethor and Faramir both have misgivings.

April 2nd Boromir worsens - decision made to bring him to Minas Tirith; Rohirrim ride as scouts; Healer refuses to let them leave that night; Tends Boromir.

April 3rd Healer says Boromir is strong enough to move; Three Gondorian companies (one that was left by Boromir at the Mering and two from Amon Anwar) leave with Éomer’s éored for Minas Tirith.

April 7th Boromir and company reach Nardol. Council meeting.

April 8th Lady Míriel enters Minas Tirith; Boromir reaches Eilenach; Ethuil begins (spring); Spring Ball is held in Merethrond; Treachery discovered at Boromir’s camp.

April 9th Faramir rides to Amon Dîn; Receives new mount; Rides to Eilenach and meets with Boromir, Mardil and Éomer.

April 10th Betrothal ceremony rescheduled; Boromir reaches Amon Dîn; Mardil returns to Amon Anwar; Éomer accompanies Boromir; Faramir sends healer under guard to Edoras; Concerns of treachery in the City.

April 11th Boromir arrives in Minas Tirith; Denethor hears the tale of Boromir’s journey.

April 12th Boromir wakes; Denethor has second thoughts about Boromir’s intended; Denethor meets with Éomer.


Arthad Boromir’s aide after Derufin leaves him
Baranor Aide to Captain Guilin at Amon Dîn; father to Beregond
Beregond Guard at the Causeway Forts
Captain Hador Cair Andros
Captain Guilin Amon Dîn
Captain Gelmir Acting commander of Osgiliath
Captain Amlach Henneth-Annûn
Damrod Rangers from Henneth-Annûn
Derufin Of Blackroot Vale – Aide to Boromir
Dirhavel Healer – Osgiliath
Éomer Third Marshal of the Riddermark
Hirgon Lieutenant in charge of the outpost at the Causeway Forts
Húrin Warden of the Keys
Ivriniel Sister of Prince Imrahil
Lothíriel Daughter of Prince Imrahil
Mablung Ranger from Henneth-Annûn
Mardil Captain of Amon Anwar
Míriel Cousin of Prince Imrahil, betrothed of Boromir of Gondor
Nerdanel Wife of Prince Imrahil
Ragorn Captain; member of Denethor’s personal guard