Index for 'Ten Thousand Years will not Suffice'

by Agape4Rivendell

Adanedhel – Master Healer 

Adrahil – son of Prince Angelimir

Almarian - Female name

Amdir – Denethor’s best friend

Anborn – Ranger (during War of the Ring)

Angbor – Lord of Lamedon

Angelimir - Prince of Dol Amroth (early in Turgon’s reign) then

Arciryas – healer under Adanedhel – then Master Healer in Denethor’s age

Baranor – father of Beregond (plain man of arms of the Third Company of the Citadel - a man of arms of the Guard of the Tower of Gondor) –

Beregond - father of Bergil and Borlas – younger son

Bergil – (10 yrs old during War of the Rings) brother of Borlas – son of Beregond

Berthil – Morwen’s father

Borlas – brother of Bergil – son of Beregond

Ciramir – Thengel’s aid and first lieutenant

Cranthir – Rían’s brother – Denethor’s grandfather - Captain of Osgiliath

Curunír of the White Council - wizard

Damrod – Ranger

Denethor II – Ruling Steward during War of the Ring

Derufin – son of Dúinhir

Duilin – son of Dúinhir

Dúinhir – Lord of Blackroot Vale

Durahil – Master of the Infantry

Ecthelion II – Ruling Steward of Gondor – father of Denethor II

Elleth – Amdir’s mother

Fengel, King of Rohan (Prince Thengel was already in Gondor’s service)

Findegil – Ranger from Ithilien

Findegil II - King’s writer after the War of the Ring

Finduilas – daughter of Adrahil

Firieth – healer’s helper during Adanedhel’s tenure

Gwinhir – Captain of the Armies (was swordmaster to Denethor before promotion)

Hirgon – messenger of Gondor sent by Denethor to Rohan

Hirluin – lord of the Green Hills (sw of Gondor)

Hros – Amdir’s steed 

Húrin – Captain of Osgiliath after Cranthir’s death – promoted to Warden of the Keys during War of the Ring

Imrahil – son of Adrahil (Prince of Dol Amroth during War of the Ring)

Indis – sister of Denethor II & Morwen

Ingold – Amdir’s father; Captain of the Guard

Inlach – Master of the Rangers – promoted to Captain

Ioreth – healer’s helper during Arciryas tenure

Ivríniel – daughter of Adrahil

Listöwel – Amdir’s wife from Dol Amroth

Morwen – sister of Denethor II & Indis

Morwen of Lossarnach – wife of Thengel

Nahar – Thengel’s stead

Rían – wife of Ecthelion II – mother of Denethor II

Rochallor – Denethor’s steed

Targon – cook for Horse Guards; cook during War of the Ring

Thengel – Prince of Rohan, son of Fengel, spouse of Morwen, Captain of the Horse Guards

Turgon  - Ruling Steward of Gondor – father of Ecthelion II

Various dignitaries from Lossarnach, Lebennin, and Lamedon.