You Oughten Of Taken Up With Us Bill

Well tomorrow we are leaving Rivendell. Dear Bill. You know you could stay here in Rivendell and eat the finest hay in all the lands and wait for us to return home. I suppose you are just as stubborn as I am though. Won't be left behind, will you lad. Now what have I packed that Mr. Frodo is going to need and is forgetting. I have his Pipe and a full pouch of pipeweed. (Rivendell is sure giving the Northfarthering weed a run for its money) not that they could compete with Old Toby or Southfarthing weed. What else? I have my pans, and our bedrolls, a bit of salt from Mr. Bilbo.

We mustn't weight down Bill to heavily.

I went to Bill's stall earlier today and he gave me a look clear as a bell. "Don't you go off and leave me." I mentioned to him that he could stay, but that silly pony picked just that minute to shake off some flies. Well not that there is many flies in Mr. Elrond's stables. They keep the stalls so neat. Near as I can tell this pony is starting to talk.

It will be slow going, since winter has settled into the lands surrounding Rivendell. We are sure to get snow. Ahh, another thing to add to Mr. Frodo's pack his woolen blanket. He hasn't needed it yet, and doesn't know that I packed it, so that should be a surprise when I bring it out. Oh yes. I need more ink for my journal, and maybe a few more quills if Mr. Bilbo can spare them. Oh yes and some carrots, apples and sugar for Bill. Walking will do him (and I) some good. We both are putting on some weight. The elves seem to enjoy fattening us all up. And have been having a great many feasts in our honor. We were at the fire last night listening to some of the elder day songs. Mr. Bilbo was kind enough to translate them for us. Fire? A hand axe, better not forget that either. So many questions I took another look at the map. Doesn't look like we have to go very far. The map is not much bigger than the one hanging in the Bywater Post Office. I wonder what else I am forgetting. Ah yes, a bit of rope, must check with one of the elves in the morning and get some from them.

You oughten of taken up with us Bill.
This is starting to look like a heavily load.