Part One

Home from the green dragon. Pipe in the yard. Walk through the garden. Voices. Frodo. Another? A ring and dark lord? Leaving. Choke, tear, gasp hand through a window. Me, going too. Muck and mire, safe in the Shire. Hey Merry and Pip. Slip, tumble, fall, and trip. Off the road? Tis, the Shire quite safe. Hide. Horse sounds and tack? Footfalls. What's that? Frodo? Why is the ring out? Run away fools. Where too? The ferry. Run Frodo run. Horseman! Jump. Whew, that was to close.

Bree buildings and men are tall. Prancing Pony? Where's Mr. G..He is staring at us. Strider? A Ranger? Oh where is Mr. G? The ring it is out again. Is it a call? Pip! NO! A trip and a fall. Gone. What's this? Up the stairs at a run! ‘Ave at you long shanks. Leave Frodo alone. Untrustworthy, that's what he is. Alas Frodo follows. I must stay with. We go to Rivendell, Me, See the elves! Oh Joy! Midge water we tramp.

Amon sul. Weathertop. Such strange places. Attack on the hilltop. Where is that Ranger? Frodo? He's gone, A shout, then a scream. Frodo is wounded. Long shanks come back he's wielding a torch. A notched blade. Flee. A cold fever, how can that be? Mr. B's trolls. His jester Frodo calls me. I cry. Journey on. So weary. Listen? Hoof falls! But wait with bells? An elf. Oh my. Ride Frodo Ride! Rivendell at last, Mr. Bilbo and I sit waiting day after day. Glory and trumpets! He's healed. HURRAY.

A secret council quietly seated. Ready to rush to a friend's defense. Taking the ring? NOT ALONE. I Angrily Shout! On my, me too. I've been singled out. We number 9. Southwards we go. Over hill, plain towards mountains covered in snow. Short days, cold night, endless creeping. Brave mountain pass? Alas, to much snow. Under the mountain decided to go.

The wolves they hound us. Bill my pony's afraid. Gandalf holds off this dire raid. Finally to the Moria gate. Must unload Bill. Good-bye old friend, be safe. The door finally opens. A snake has grabbed Frodo! The lake is alive! I stab the worm as he starts to slide. Free at last, we run. Boom/doom goes the door. We are shut in, silent and sore. Through mines that are darksome. We journey for days. A tomb. Poor Balin, Bilbo's friend the brave. A drum ominously beats. Orc and cave troll we have to defeat. Frodo is stabbed, but not dead on his feet. Bless Mr. Bilbo he girt him for war. The bridge at last. What horror is there? A Balrog Leggo calls it. Oh what a terror. Alas poor Gandalf he fell in the span. I can't say no more the tears still ran.

A month in the golden wood quietly healing. O the lady is golden too, my senses are reeling. I peak in the mirror. I see Frodo asleep. They tore up the Shire, but that must keep. We journey tomorrow. Such gifts we were given: a small box with sand, beautiful cloak, food for travelers, and a wondrous rope.

The long float, eyes they follow us paddling a log. We postpone our choice turn east or west. I know the way Frodo's going. But will he agree. He can't make it out east without taking me? I fear he will without me knowing. I keep careful watch the time is drawing. Then it happened quite sudden Frodo disappeared. Frodo put on the ring. He's loose in the land. Where would he go, I had to use wit. I race for the boat. he's left in a snit. I run through the trees. And down to the boats. There he is. WAIT! I yell and I shout. I jump in the water and try to wade. HELP I can't swim, in the torrent I'm tossed. Then, suddenly an invisible hand saves me from ruin. I promised. I wont leave your side. I cried, while he followed suit. So now our Journey continues on yonder far shore. I hope this leaves you all wanting more...

Part Two

We left the river valley today. Had to hide from several orc patrols. They seem to be keeping a close watch on the river. Thank you lady for the gift of the cloaks. Have more time to write in the journal since my time on the night watch is longer. We will have to get use to just two of us sharing the watch when before there was so many. Ah I miss Pip and Merry already, funny thing I miss Strider too. It is very quiet tonight we can no longer hear the waterfall. Earlier this evening Frodo and I ate mushrooms, what a find, we should have enough for thee meals. It felt like a feast, between that and the elves lemba bread. Gollum is about; we saw him, or at least his eyes a few hours ago. Dratted creature. Frodo read my journal this evening. He didn't know I was keeping one, as our watches never seemed to be back to back until now. He was surprised that I only filled four pages of it. I told him I have kept it with me since my coming of age birthday but had never written in it. Then I had to explain that Rosie gave it to me, how I blushed. She wrote an inscription in it, I found it in the back while we were at Rivendell, and it says To Sam Gamgee, on his 33rd birthday, all my love Rosie Cotton. I wonder if she means that all my love part. Tonight we are hiding in a small cave. Tomorrow, we are seeking to the south a way over the edge. The edge is so steep. I wonder if I should tell Frodo I dislike heights, don't know how we are going to get down, bar falling. Turn and turn again. Time to wake Mr. Frodo for his watch.

Would you believe it, we are back to the same cave we were at yesterday. There wasn't a way to the south; in fact the edge kept getting steeper. A full day wasted. Frodo is more frustrated than I am. We will seek away to the north tomorrow. If nothing else, we seem to have thrown Gollum off our track. No sign of him since the river, he will be a day behind us when he passes this cave and heads south. Must remember to brush away our tracks with one of these weeds when we head north tomorrow morning, that will keep him at a loss for at least a day, then he'll find himself at that southern edge where we stopped grinding his teeth in frustration. Ha! I can picture that. We finished the mushrooms today. At this pace we'll never get to that Mt. Doom. GRRR. I'm to frustrated to write any more today.

Part Three

At last, we are finally free of that accursed range. We traveled north and east following the edge when Mr. Frodo noticed that the edge was lower than before. He found a spot where he thought we could descend easily enough. Oh but I hated to looking over that edge. I told him I would go first so I wouldn't fall on top of him if I slipped, but he wouldn't let me. A storm was coming in and he didn't want to wait for it to blow over either, he thought we would be safely down before it hit. Well that storm moved in quicker than we both expected and as it blew in we heard that same awful shriek of a black rider. Mr. Frodo slid down the hill to a ledge and I was so afraid for him, I could see him but he just kept saying that he couldn't see. It was terrible. I couldn't get to him and looking over the edge was giving me the chills. Then he mentioned that magical word. Rope. Well this ninnyhammer had a rope in his pack all along. Elven it was and shimmered. I tied it round a rock and hauled Mr. Frodo back up. We sat and waited out the storm and talked about the Shire and the sudden showers that we would get there. I told him about how me and Tolman would sneak out during the storms and pretend we were elf wizards throwing thunderbolts at each other, Ms. Cotton was so mad when we tracked mud back into the house after one of those excursions. We were made to scrub every floor in her house with naught but a single washcloth apiece. After the storm blew over, we used the rope to help us get down. I had to go first, I shut my eyes most of the way, I was so scared. Then Mr. Frodo came down behind. I thought for sure I would lose my rope tied as it was to the rock above. But it CAME DOWN; all on its own it did when I called. What a wonderful rope. It made me think of Lorien and the lovely lady Galadrial again. I nearly bust into tears at thought of leaving something from Lorien behind. We spent the rest of the day scrambling down a gully. Mr. Frodo is taking the first watch and I am going to get some sleep now.

Well quite a few days have passed since last I wrote. Gollum, yes The Gollum, has joined our little party and a surprise he has turned out to be. These past few days he led us through the dead marshes. What a terrible place that was there was dead faces in the water, with candles for eyes, gives me the shudders just think about them. Frodo is walking slower and slower. Not sure why. Its almost like he is carrying a millstone around his neck. Thought we lost him in the marshes. At one point Gollum looked back and Mr. Frodo wasn't there. I backtracked a little ways and found him staring at the faces. Since then I have kept him in front of me. We have had the black riders fly over us three or four times now. What they fly on is beyond me looks like a large bat. We hide from them; they seem more terrible than ever. I must awaken Mr. Frodo for his watch soon, I have left it longer than I should have, but he is so weary from the long night marches. Soon we are coming to a strange gray colored land ahead. Not sure why it is that color. We have been approaching it for several days. Should be there by tomorrow morning. I must awaken M. Frodo for his watch. I am going to fall asleep with my eyes open if I I don't so something sooon.

Part Four

And I thought the dead marshes were bad. This place is horrible. The land is gray because of there are ash heaps everywhere. They smell awful. We can't breathe. The fumes coming from the pits around us make it hard to think. This is terrible. Its like the orcs have laid waste to this region as far as the eye can see. The gray ash is in the air as well as on the ground. We need to find a spot to lie up for the day. The black gates entrance is ahead, not sure if I will be able to sleep after my watch is over. I have watched as armies are riding in to Mordor. It has been going on for hours. Company upon company keeps riding in. Obviously we can't get any closer to the gate from here without being spied. Not sure what we'll do but at least we can lose Gollum. He is starting to worry me again. Falling back into his old speech habit of talking to him self. Frodo doesn't seem to notice, its like he is concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, he has gone quiet. Must think of a way to cheer his spirit up. But that will have to wait later, though I can't see anyway to do that in these terrible gray lands. I do hate to wake him he gets precious little sleep as it is. I often hear him calling Gandalf's name in his sleep and crying out warnings to Merry, Pippin, and Strider. His dreams do not seem very restful and lately he has talked that's he dreams often of a..a wheel of fire. Still, I must get some rest or I will be useless.

Well, we will go no further towards the gates. They are impassable here. We have decided to go south a bit, Slinker and Stinker knows a secret path over the mountains, seemingly with less orcs about. Not sure what he is up to, especially after that debate I overheard yesterday. I thought we were well rid of him, but he is like a cockle-burr and clinging tighter than ever. We could never get him to say whether the path was watched or not. Though Frodo rues the delay of entering into Mordor, I welcome a small respite from these foul lands. Seems there will be a land to the south where there is more streams, trees and food. Sounds pleasant after these terrible gray ash heaps and that dreadful marsh. First thing I am going to do is bathe in one of those streams and then wash our clothes. We have toiled through marsh and ash long enough. My Gaffer would never recognize us looking like this. How long has it been I wonder since we had a proper hot bath? Ah, that's right, Lothlorien, too long for my liking. Still we will make due. I can see the green haze on the horizon. Should reach there by tomorrow morning. Frodo laughed last night for the first time in so long. I am sure that hasn't happened in these parts in recent history. Gollum spied more men going into Mordor. And I asked him if he saw any Oliphants (how I wish to see one) well when I sang the old Shire song about them; it put Frodo in a merrier mood. I wonder how much food we have left, 3 weeks maybe. I will have to see about looking for some thing to make a soup out of, when we come to streams that Gollum mentioned. I think we need to be a bit more conservative with the elven bread. It sure does keep you on your feet, but what I wouldn't give for seed cakes and cheese and a beer at the Green Dragon. Ah Rosie do you know how much I miss seeing your merry smile and your green eyes? I wonder what you are doing today? Is your Da looking out for my Old Gaffer?

Part Five

I am taking the first watch again today. We have reached a river in a pleasant, almost garden like area. I am surprised that something so fair can be so close to Mordor. The air is full of the scents of flowers, herbs and grass. We made good time on last nights marches. Frodo must be feeling better; he walks with less of a burden than I have seen in days. He is even laughing and singing again. The land is a miracle cure for weariness. The wind is from the south and it is much warmer today. Ah spring, a gardener's favorite time of year, the new seeds to plant, the smell of early blossoms. The apple blossoms drifting down like snow under the trees. What a beautiful day. Today when we stopped by the river, the first thing we did was to jump into the water. It was cold, but oh so refreshing to the spirits. It's so wonderful to be clean again after so many days. Today while Frodo sleeps I will wash our clothes out and give my pans a good scrubbing. No one can be idle on a day like today. I don't feeling like sleeping. I feel like singing. Oh what a wonderful place this is. Found another batch of wild mushrooms, dandelion greens, and onions. I will make a large salad and surprise Frodo with it when he wakes up. I have eaten my fill of them already of them. Sigh. I do so love spring. Gollum is off somewhere fishing or sleeping. I heard him splashing along the river not very long ago. He was singing too, that silly fish riddle of his. I think I am going to lay back and just watch the clouds float overhead.

Another night has passed us by. We made as good of time going south last night as we did yesterday. The wind is still blowing lightly from the south. Gollum, bless the old guy, has given us a pair of coneys that he caught. Oh he's not at all happy with me though. I made him go to the river and get some water to make a soup with. Was he ever angry when he saw the fire. I had to make him go off; he was sputtering and grumbling to himself when he left, doesn't matter though. Frodo and I need more then just the elves way-bread. It keeps you on your feet okay, but a change is sure nice, and it doesn't grow. The soup's been simmering all morning. Think I will wake up Frodo and will have lunch of rabbit soup, and then I will take a bit of a nap and let him sleep again this evening before we start on again.

I nearly gone and made a mess of things today. I had just finished cleaning up my pans when several men spied us. Seems they come from Gondor, too. One of them is even Boromir's brother, Faramir. Well they were laying ambush to a war party coming up from the southern lands. Thank goodness they didn't shoot us as spies. They set a guard on us and command us to go with them after their battle, which was horrible to say the least. Looked a dead man square in the face, I did. Gave me the shivers. And I SAW AN OLIPHANT. It was huge and gray with large flapping ears. Just like the song it looked. They took us (blind folded, no less) to a cave behind a waterfall. And there we were just Mr. Frodo and myself, and all these men, and what do I do...I open my foolish mouth and tell Mr. Faramir about the ring. Although Mr. Faramir and Mr. Frodo seemed to work it out in the end. I feel that Mr. Faramir is being honest with us; still he resembles his brother in many ways. Hopefully this will work out. I still feel miserable. I'm such a ninnyhammer. Now I don't know if I'll be able to sleep a wink tonight. I will do whatever I need to, to protect Mr. Frodo. What a fool you are Sam Gamgee. What a fool.