A Mother's Love

by Pippin's Sunshine

Chapter 1.

"It's almost time my little one. Almost time." Gilraen sighed as the child within her kicked again.
She and Arathorn knew the child she was about to give birth to would be a great person, a leader among Men. But, neither one could have guessed how many great deeds he would accomplish.

Suddenly, Gilraen felt water, and the muscles in her stomach began to cramp. Yes, it is time, she thought to herself. “Ooh, OH! Arathorn!” she called, “it’s time!”
The life within her was ready to come out. Gilraen cried for a moment as she felt the muscles in her stomach tighten more. “ARATHORN! It's time!!!” Gilraen yelled at her husband in between gasps of air.

Outside Arathorn was fixing a small meal when he heard Gilraen’s cries. He rushed into the tent, “Ma presta, mellen?” he asked.

“Go, get the mid-wife and hurry!” Gilraen pleaded.
“What? Why?” Arathorn asked.
“It’s TIME, Arathorn!” his wife shouted, “The baby is COMING! Go and get the mid-wife! Hurry!”

Arathorn stood aghast, “Now?” he asked. Gilraen responded with a groan. “It’s TIME!” Arathorn exclaimed, “The baby is coming!” He leapt in the air, shouting praises in elvish.
“Arathorn! Midwife!”
“OH! Mid-wife! Yes! I will be back shortly. I love you!” He kissed his wife on the forehead and rushed from the tent.

Arathorn turned around momentarily as he heard her scream again. There’s no time for a mid-wife, he thought to himself, but he didn’t know how to deliver a baby, so he hurried on his way.

When Arathorn returned with Iorwen, the mid-wife, she told him to wait outside. "Why don't you go find someone to talk to? It will make the time go by faster."
Arathorn thought the lady was crazy, “But my son is to be born. Isn’t there something I could help with?”
“Patience and staying out of my way is help enough, my lord.” And with that, Arathorn, chieftain of the Dùnedain, was shooed out of his own home by a bent old woman, twice his age and half his size.

Gilraen’s parents came hurriedly, “We heard the news,” they said. “Iorwen’s just banished me from my own home,” answered Arathorn.
“Oh,” said Dirhael, “all for the best, then, I suppose.”

After that, Dirhael realized Arathorn was not in the mood to talk, but still tried to keep the atmosphere light, to much avail. Arathorn just paced outside of the tent and would not answer anyone who spoke to him.

----------3 hours later---------

"If you don't mind me sayin', but ma'am, I do believe your baby is one of the healthiest I've seen in a long time. I'm sure he will do you proud and become a great warrior someday."

"I agree. My little Aragorn is going to be a king among men one day. Go find Arathorn; he will be thrilled to hear it's a boy."

The mid-wife did not have to go far to find Arathorn, he was still right outside the tent and almost bowled her over when he heard the child cry. He asked if the child was a boy. "Aye, sir. One of the healthiest I've seen. He's going to be a fighter, came out kicking and screaming. But the moment he was in his mother's arms, he calmed down. He's going to do our people good one day."

When he entered the tent, he saw Gilraen holding his son. Mother and child had fallen asleep after the long battle. Arathorn tenderly kissed wife and son being careful to not wake them. Softly, he whispered, "My Aragorn. One day you will restore the throne, my son. Rest now. You are destined for great things. For now, you will be our little hunter."

Ma presta, mellen: What is wrong?

Chapter 2: The Party

The Dùnedain were known for their exceptional skills-- as hunters, cooks and in developmental processes.

Aragorn was truly a remarkable baby. He started walking when he was 5 months old and he was talking by his first birthday.

Many around the family noticed how observant Aragorn seemed to be. Though, he was never far from his mother, Aragorn it seemed was constantly learning, his eyes always darting this way and that taking in everything around him.

Aragorn was not sure what all the excitement around him was, but he very much liked it. He enjoyed being the center of attention because it was something he was good at. Aragorn had both of his parents wrapped around his little finger. He was constantly getting into trouble by knocking things over or just in general causing havoc every where he went. But, he usually managed to get out of punishment, all he had to do was smile and his mother would melt.
“I don’t think that I could ever truly punish you, my little hunter,” is all she would ever say as she would put him down with a sigh. Arathorn took a little more work, but it seemed to outsiders that he was just as lenient as Gilraen.

The middle of the campsite had been cleared out and many square tables with lots of food had been placed there. Gilraen and Arathorn spared no expense for their son's birthday. Arathorn had killed a deer especially for this occasion. (On a Dùnedain's first birthday, they get their first taste of venison). Gilraen had even made a cake for her son.

“Are you wondering what the special occasion is, my son?” Aragorn jumped a little. Arathorn had snuck up behind him. Arathorn scooped up his son and gave him tickles. “This is all for you. Later on, we are going to have a party because today is a very special day.”
Aragorn looked a little puzzled. “Today is your birthday and tonight we shall have a splendid feast… and cake.” Aragorn’s eyes got wide. “Shh, that’s supposed to be a surprise,” Arathorn said with a wink.

Later on in the day Aragorn was having a grand time chasing the other children around and playing all the party games everyone loves. Then as the sun was setting, it was time to eat.

Gilraen set a plate of meant and some fruits before Aragorn.
"NO!" Aragorn screamed at the top of his lungs. Everyone looked at the little one in shock. "Want cake!" he said emphatically. Everyone laughed. A true child always wants cake first. "Ok, I guess we can cut the cake first,” sighed Gilraen.
When he saw the cake, Aragorn's eyes grew wide as he looked from the cake to his mother and back again. "Mine??"
"Yes, it is."

And Aragorn dove head first into it. He started a merry food fight by flinging cake at everyone especially his mom and dad. Gilraen tried to look stern, but couldn't hold it in anymore. "I think you need a bath now young man."

After everyone settled down, they ate the dinner. Aragorn loved the deer. After dinner, the men sat around the fire with their pipes. Gilraen was having a hard time catching up with her son to get him ready for bed.

One of Arathorn's friends came up to him and said, "I'm surprised he hasn't eaten you out of house and home yet!" "Oh, he tries," laughed Arathorn.

"Arathorn, I agree with everyone. He will make a fine chieftain when the time comes. He's already so strong. Are you going to tell him about his heritage? You know he will be the last in line to restore the North if the prophecies are true."

"Of course we will, at the right time. Speak of the devil."

Arathorn laughed as his son ran to give him a hug. She had to chuckle to herself when she saw Aragorn rubbing more cake into Arathorn's beard. "That's going to take forever to get out!"
Then she had a moment of realization, "Our happy little family. They are both destined for great things."