The Missing

by Dinledhwen

Part 1

After I had handed over Mary’s dagger to Lord Celeborn for disposal, Legolas and I stayed in Lothlórien for two days enjoying the magnificent mallorn woods and the pleasant company of the Lord and Lady. During this time I had asked the Lady what she had meant earlier when she said to me that another journey will begin.

“The Valar have said you are free to live your life here in Middle-earth Adulas,” she had softly replied before giving me a gracious smile. “What new path you choose once you leave here is now up to you.”

It was then that I suddenly felt at a loss for I really hadn’t thought what I would do once the evil plans of Herudae, his older brother Dûrhen, and Mary had been stopped other than going back home to the peace of Mirkwood.

“Since we are this close to The Glittering Caves we could delay our return home and take up Gimli’s offer to visit him,” Legolas had suggested then. “We can go through Fangorn Forrest along the way. There are trees there that I wish for you to see.”

So I had agreed and early on the morning of the third day Legolas and I left Lothlórien mounted on our white and dark grey horses but not before receiving best wishes for a safe journey from the Lord and Lady at the great gates. Also riding with us on his white horse was the same elf who had been the first one to speak to me back in my time. Again he was to be our guide as he led us south at an easy gallop through the mallorn woods until we reach the low river bank of the Celebrant which marked the southern most boundary of Lothlórien.

“You can cross here safely,” he said pointing to the ford.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I didn’t even know the name of this Elf who had helped me so much in the past. So I said “Before we go I would like to know what your name is and to apologize for not asking sooner.”

The elf smiled at me. “You need not apologize for I know that you have had more important things to worry about than knowing a name. My name is Haldir.”

Now I was surprised to hear this for this elf didn’t look at all like the actor who portrayed him in the first and second movies. Up till now the only other named Tolkien character that didn’t look and sound exactly like an actor was King Thranduil and that was because his character hadn’t been in these movies except for his name which was used when Legolas was greeted by Haldir.
“Adulas is something wrong?” I heard Legolas’s soft voice in my mind while he looked at me curiously.

“No nothing is wrong. Just something different,” I replied back my own curiosity growing. Then I said out loud to Haldir “Did you go to Helm’s Deep and help the fight against Saruman’s Uruk-hai?”

“Yes I was there,” he said sadly. “Other than Legolas, we were the only elves to survive such a battle where the odds of our victory were stacked so high against us. But our victory came with a high price and many a brave warrior who left this splendid woodland never returned.”

When he had finished, I let the subject go for although I had more questions to ask of him about the battle I could see that his grief was still to near. So we bade him farewell and crossed the Celebrant our horses playfully splashing the cool shallow water with their front feet causing us to chuckle while we slowly made our way to the other side.

“What did you mean by something different?” Legolas thought to me as we asked our horses for an easy gallop and headed out onto the sunny grassy plain with the Misty Mountains in the mid-distance to the west and a dark line of trees close to the far eastern horizon which marked the riverbanks of the Anduin.

“In the second movie the Lothlórien elves were sent to Helm’s Deep and Haldir died during the battle. Now in my time this had been thought to be a scene created by Peter Jackson. However it was in fact based on an actual event here. As for the book, Tolkien never had the Lothlórien elves help at Helm’s Deep and in his version Haldir lives,” I replied. Then I continued obviously puzzled “If both men were influenced by the same inspiration flowing between our two times then why did they write different versions of it?”

“Maybe they are free to choose what they will do with that inspiration? I myself have never written a story so I do not know what it feels like. Have you written a story?”

“No I haven’t either. But I have heard that it can be enjoyable.”

“Another thing that is enjoyable is racing!”
I heard Legolas say enthusiastically while he grinned at me before his horse eagerly jumped ahead and galloped swiftly away to the south.

“Hey who said you could have a head start!” I exclaimed to which he only replied by laughing.

Now my horse needed no urging to follow and soon we were neck and neck racing like the wind across the grassy plain. In the end we had to agree to a tie for both horses were equally matched and would have no doubt run themselves to exhaustion if we let them for they were very spirited. Although this had been fun there was no need to be in such a hurry so we set a more leisurely pace as we headed south for the next two days while the nights were spent lying on our backs gazing up at the stars and talking about the little things that have a tendency to pop into the mind during such quiet times.