Luinhen's Tale

by Dinledhwen

I got to wondering here of late what would've happened to one of the Lorien elves after he had survived the battle at Helm's Deep...

Part 1

The first sensation to greet Luinhen’s slowly waking mind the next morning was a dull throbbing pain all through his body while the Lorien elf lay crumpled in a ball on the rocky ground facing the nearby Deepening Wall. Then there came the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps which was soon followed by the feeling of the close presence of someone kneeling down in front of him. After that the pain sharpened considerable especially in his chest while hands were carefully placed on his shoulders before he was then gently rolled over onto his back. Now this caused him to softly moan in response to all of this and to force open his eyes one of which was unusually bluer then the other hence his name being Luinhen or Blue eye. Then it took him a few seconds of focusing before he realized that that he was now looking up at the weary and concerned face of Aragorn who the Lady Galadriel had wished for him to help.

Now Luinhen took this as a very good sign that the Uruk-hai had been defeated for he had heard that the foul creatures never left any survivors on the field of battle. Still he had to make sure that this wasn’t just a temporary lull in the fighting so he hoarsely whispered in elvish “The Rohirrim…victorious…” since he knew no other tongue.

“Yes they were thanks to you and your kindred,” Aragorn easily replied back in elvish while he gently pulled back one edge of Luinhen’s damaged cuirass and hauberk so he could see the slowly bleeding sword wound underneath. And the ugliness he saw there made him frown before he looked up and out over the Helm’s Gate battle field. Then after a brief visual search he spied two Rohirrim who were luckily waiting a short distance away with an empty litter so he motioned for then to come over to him. After that the Ranger turned his attention back to Luinhen before he gently removed the elf’s helmet. “What is your name?” Aragorn asked with a smile.

“My name is Luinhen…my kindred…Haldir…did they survive?” Luinhen continued hoarsely. Now he knew even before seeing the Ranger’s earlier frown that he was grievously wounded. And if he had only been able to block with his sword the blow that had left him lying here then he might now be in better shape. However there had been so many of the foul creatures coming over the wall that it was inevitable that one of them would be able to slip past his defensive moves and delivered with his wicked sword such a tremendous blow to his cuirass and hauberk that it split the armor open. Then the sword’s biting edge had continued on deep into his unprotected chest which was followed quickly by an excruciating pain while at the same time the force from the blow knocked him over backwards off the wall. From there he fell for what seemed like an eternity until he landed on his back with a bone jarring thud upon the rocky ground below. After that the blackness of unconsciousness had quickly surrounded him for the remainder of the night.

“Haldir fell and so far you have been the only survivor we’ve found,” Aragorn replied with a look of grief sharing the weariness in his grey eyes. Then after the two Rohirrim with the litter had arrived he had them place it down on the ground next to Luinhen.

Now the Lorien elf was a seasoned warrior so he knew that death in battle was always a possibility. But to have that many go to the Hall of Mandos from one battle was something he had never had to deal with before since such an outcome was foreign along the borders of Lothlórien when the enemy was foolish enough to try and cross. Then Aragorn gently placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder for the man had apparently sensed his inner turmoil. “Easy mellon. Don’t trouble yourself over this. Right now your well being is more important and that means we must now lift you onto the litter so we can carry you to the healers in the Hornburg. Unfortunately I fear this will be very painful for you no matter how careful we lift you,” he said firmly while he indicated to one of the Rohirrim to take Luinhen’s left arm. Then he took a hold of the right and once the other Rohirrim to take the Lorien elf’s legs the three men gingerly lifted together at Aragorn’s command. Immediately Luinhen let out a loud groan of agony when he felt not only the same excruciating pain in his chest that he had felt earlier but also a fresh new pain all along his back due to the bruising from the battering his took when he had landed on the rocky ground. Now all of this together proved to be too much for him and soon he was surrounded in blackness again by the time the three men had gently laid him down on the litter.