Letters from Faramir

by Agape4Rivendell



Would that I knew what happened in the North Lands! The Halfling is here – in Ithilien, dropped into my hands as if fated thus. ‘For Isildur’s Bane shall waken; And the Halfling forth shall stand.’ *

And stand he did, Boromir, stood right up to me! Told me you had been his traveling companion. I told him whom you are, he didn’t seem to know, and that you are sorely missed. And I mean it with all my heart, Boromir; not only I, but also your men sorely miss you.

There were reports of Haradrim using the ancient roads up north and your Rangers and I met them and did what damage we could to their ranks. Fire courses through my veins as I think of them desecrating the very roads that Gondor built. You would do the same, dear Brother. I know your heart. I had not meant to come so far North, but as I said, it seemed to be fated thus for that is where we met the Halflings. I left them in the care of two of our men and led the Rangers to battle. It went well, the trap worked. The men did more than they were trained for. You would have been proud. The men of Gondor, the Enemy may say, are weak or frail, but there is courage in this band and honor to be found, dearest Brother.

After the battle, I questioned the Halfling and suddenly an unreasoning hope flooded my very soul. He said you were alive and well when last he saw you! But a fear has been growing in my heart, a fear of more terrible things for you than death. Some strangeness emanates from this Halfling. But then hope, so quickly kindled, is dashed as he describes your raiment – the same raiment I saw the night the elven boat bore you from me.

He tried to allay my fears – saying it was mayhap some trick of the Enemy, but I know better. Bitter words were wrung from my lips when I learned of your stop in Lothlorien. What did she say to you? What woke in your heart then? In that furtive and mystical place? So, I brought them to Henneth Annun and we talked long into the night, yet I find little comfort speaking with him.

Boromir, Isildur’s Bane drove you mad, didn’t it? Even though not of the direct bloodline, we still carry that weakness. At least, it seems, you do. Would that I had gone in your stead! This evil does not seem to touch me. I feel nothing but dread of it and hatred, yes, for what it did to you, what it stole from me. The Halfling has told me some of what occurred and I believe, and it seems he believes, that you were not yourself. The vision in the boat - you’re face was beautiful and at peace. I know you died well, brother. I know it with my whole heart. And Boromir - the Halfling does not hold you to blame. There is no hatred in his heart or condemnation. He seems to know what this thing can do. I worry for him, Boromir, he is so small and seems so weak. And the path he has decided upon is so dangerous. Yet, the courage in his heart is stronger than mine. He will die doing this and you would say it is folly, but I know why he has chosen this path. He is valiant, Boromir, and worthy of our love. I will let him go, even though Father will be furious. My very life lies in the balance, but there is something here greater than Gondor. He must be allowed to try to do this. I gleaned some knowledge during Mithrandir’s visits, enough to know that this thing is evil. It corrupted Isildur and now it has corrupted you. Its power is unimaginable and I cannot wield it. Neither can our Father. It must be destroyed. Why this little one should have been chosen is a mystery to me. But as I look at him, I know he will do everything in his power to do it. I remember your motto ‘Gondor will see it done.’ To think that this little stranger has more ability to do it than you is beyond me.

He is gone now. I have let the Halfling go. His companion told me before they left that I have shown my quality. I feel his respect for you, but also his fear of you. Boromir, how can I make them understand! You were the one who raised me after Mother died. Father turned from me and I would have been an orphan if not for you! Do not they understand this – my quality comes from you!

I love you, Brother – you are the world to me, the sun and the moon. But Denethor raised you with harder, harsher standards than you raised me. And your pride was lifted up by our Father – and it was good – but it was also too much for one man. Would that I could have helped you see that Father was wrong. Gondor is not a man – not a Steward – but a glorious entity unto itself. He made you believe you were the only one to save her, and in your fear and desperation – and pride – you did the unthinkable. You broke your oath. But if not for you, for your love of me and your deep need to make me better than you, I too would have failed. I owe you everything – my love, my life – my honour.

I stand now in the very torrents of the falls, the fairest of all the falls of Ithilien, and release my long-held tears. It seems somehow appropriate, Boromir, to stand here and grieve for you – here in the land that has my heart. For it is broken now and I cannot mend it. Would that healing would come and quickly, but I fear this wound will never heal.

I fear I know your heart too well, Boromir. Did you go to your death believing you had lost all honor, that you had failed Gondor? I know not what happened there, but I know you, brother. Ever ready to jump into the fray. A man of action. You must have seen some course laid out before you and judged your way the right way. Or mayhap some madness took you. I know not. But my heart cries out to all the Valar that it had not been so, that in some way you were able to redeem yourself, to go to your grave in peace. It must be so. There is none dearer to me, my beloved Brother. I will it so – that you were given a chance to atone for that moment, that one moment in your whole life where you failed. Somehow I must come to terms with this. I must go on and do my duty and put aside all thought of this.

I have been summoned back to Minas Tirith. I must face Father alone and hide this grief, this fear that shakes me to the core. I will not let him believe you failed. I will not. I pray you escaped in the end. I believe you did.

Ever your devoted