Letters from Faramir

by Agape4Rivendell



I have seen something that turns my blood into cold rivers coursing swiftly through my body. A knife buries itself in my chest - the pain is beyond all knowing, all-telling. I cannot breath.

A boat has shown itself to me, drawn down your beloved Anduin. A boat the like of which I have never seen. Artfully made with beautiful lines, yet sunk deep in the water. She shines with a pale light not of this land.

I step closer into the cold water of the Anduin, drawn to her, I know not why. My limbs shake; my breath catches. There is something in this boat; something that I do not want to see. Some horror lies in it, but I must look!

BROTHER - Noooooo. It is you! Your body, wrapped for mourning. Your sword in your hand - broken. Arrows lie at your feet and a strange belt shines on your waist. Your face is wounded; blood stains your raiment. Your eyes are closed. Never have I seen your face like this! Never have I thought to see your face like this! The pain is unbearable.

Boromir, Boromir - what is this? What has happened to you? Will you not return to me? Is all lost for Gondor, for your people, for me? Am I now alone to battle both the enemy and our Father?

You promised to return. Now I know you will not. I have been given this vision for some purpose. What? I do not know. Thoughts of our mother fill my head, my heart. Are you with her now? Will I never see you again? Is there peace there, Boromir?

Whatever happens now, my dearest Brother, know that I love you, as I know you love me. Know that my heart will be with you always, no matter where this journey takes you. I am your dearest brother, staunchest friend. I will do whatever I can to defend our people, your people, but I will miss you. How can I endure this?

Brother - I await the coming of Aragorn and will do as you asked. I will take him as my liege lord and serve him well, in memory of you, dear Brother. I will pledge my fealty to this Aragorn, King of Gondor, for you, my beloved Brother.

Even in death you will not leave me. Be at peace, Son of Gondor, we will see each other again.