Letters from Faramir

by Agape4Rivendell

XI. From Pippin, regarding Wargs


The Halfling has been speaking for well over an hour now, telling me of your journey towards home. You did no less than I would expect when you joined the Fellowship and my heart is proud and sore for it led you down paths I would not have you trod. I am grateful to this little one for befriending you. It seems mayhap, he was the only one who did, though Frodo, bless his heart, said you were his friend.

Hullo, Boromir –

It’s Pippin again. Your brother is kind and has given me tea and cakes to refresh myself and I am ready to begin again. Frodo and Sam must have taught him a little something of a Hobbit’s needs.

As for friends, Boromir earned many before our time together ended – not the least was my friendship, though I wish somehow that friendship could have saved him.

We never rested after we passed the snowdrift on our way off Caradhras. Gandalf led us now southwards. At last, he let us rest. After a very small meal, he started to speak of where we would go next. Aragorn was upset that he had led us up the mountain, but we are alive and that is a good thing. Gandalf has called a council – which seems a little silly – we are all here. But this is also nice. It almost seems as if Gandalf wants to hear our thoughts, too. I haven’t much to say. I don’t even know which way is which, except that West is home.

Rivendell – Gandalf says we might return there. Ah, that would be so good. I can tell Sam and Merry like that idea too. All the food we could want, and warmth, and songs, and pipeweed. What’s wrong with Frodo? Wouldn’t he like to see Bilbo again? But Gandalf says evil will come to Rivendell soon if we don’t press on and Rivendell itself might fall. That would be terrible. Such a beautiful place and such wonderful songs. No, we can’t let anything happen to Rivendell.

The mines of Moria – my skin crawls as Gandalf speaks of that place. I don’t rightly know why, but I have vague memories of it being a bad place. Why would Gandalf lead us there? If the looks of the others tell their thoughts, they don’t want to go there either. We must think of some other way. I turn towards Boromir – he looks at me and smiles - but he is troubled too. I remember he said he would protect me. He wants to go south to the Fords of Isen or even further south than that. He said this way was clear on his journey from Gondor to Rivendell, but Gandalf is uneasy. He almost chides Boromir for not listening at Elrond’s council. Of course, I don’t know what went on there, only the little that Frodo told us, but I guess another wizard has been turned by the Enemy and he lives too close for us to go that way.

Boromir fears Moria is a trap. I think that what happened on Caradhras has made him angry for his words to Gandalf are harsh to my ears. He was very much afraid that we would all die. Is that why he’s angry or is he angry that no one asked his opinion before we almost all got killed there? And Gandalf snaps back at him. No one but Gimli wants to follow Gandalf to Moria and poor Frodo just wants to rest. Tomorrow will be the better time for a decision – in the light of day, he says, and away from this howling wind.

Aragorn jumps to his feet. The hair on the back of my neck stands on end and I am terrified. It’s not the wind – it’s wolves. No, more than wolves – it is WARGS! I remember Bilbo’s story of the Wargs driving them up the trees, howling and waiting for Bilbo and the Dwarves to fall down to eat them. I thought they were just legend as Moria was or Bilbo’s trolls turned to stone at Trollshaws. But I have now seen the stone trolls and I now hear the Wargs. They are not legends. I move closer to Boromir.

We climb a short hill, light a fire and I am told to sleep. How can I sleep? I move near where Boromir sits. He smiles at me and lightly tosses his sword around and around in his hand. His face is set and I am a little less afraid. I wish I had taken Elrond’s advice. I feel so useless. Where is the courageous Took blood? Sam seems to think we’ll be all right. And he definitely thinks that no Warg can harm Gandalf. I don’t know. I finally fall asleep through my fear, but awake to a shout.

What is that horrible noise? Boromir jumps to his feet. There is a huge animal looking at us. I have never seen anything so big. Its eyes glow and its teeth - it has horrible fangs hanging down - and the sound coming from its throat is hideous. I run to Boromir's side. He tells me quietly to draw my sword, but not to fear. My heart is racing and I can do naught but fear. This is a servant of the Enemy - my first look at such a one. As terrifying to me as one of the Black Riders. But there is only one - and Gandalf is not afraid. He looks so tall and fierce. He shouts a command at it, but it only howls in defiance and springs forward. ‘Look out Gandalf!’ An arrow flies into its throat and it is dead. Legolas cannot seem to miss what he marks. The eyes in the dark all seem to vanish. I am shaking and move even closer to Boromir. He puts his hand on my shoulder and says I did well. I didn't do well. I was terrified, but he tells me I did not get in the way, I did not panic, and I kept my head. I cannot go back to sleep now. The night seems to last forever and I want to see the morning come and quickly!

More Wargs suddenly come forward - there seems to be no end to them. All those dreadful eyes looking at us. The screams and howls are all around us. More wood is thrown on the fire - but this will not stop them. I move towards Boromir and so does Merry. Our swords are drawn - how I wish we had spent more time practicing with Boromir instead of playing. All is lost. We won't survive this night. They come. Aragorn and Boromir hack with their swords and Legolas flies arrow after arrow. Gimli swings his arms back and forth and there always seems to be a warg split in two by his mighty axe. Gandalf wields his staff and it shines brightly as it destroys warg after warg. One has gotten past Boromir - I close my eyes and strike out. Boromir shouts, 'good work,' and I open my eyes and find one of the dreadful beasts dead at my feet. I know I did nothing to harm this beast – Boromir has saved me again. Another comes towards us and Merry and I both try to defend ourselves, but it is useless. Again, Gimli steps in and makes short work of that one. Now Gandalf strikes forward and as he moves he appears to be growing larger. I rub my eyes and yes, it is true, he is growing larger. He grabs a large burning branch from the fire and wields it about his head, yelling something in Elvish, I think, as he throws the branch into the air. Sparks fly all over – I hide under my cloak. The trees have caught on fire. Everything is white and brilliant – I can hardly see. The Wargs turn and run. At last, they are all dead or have left.

I fall to the ground. My arms shake and I can't see for the tears in my eyes. My throat is dry and sore. I must have been screaming, but I don't remember it. Boromir comes to my side. He looks with fear and sorrow at me. 'Ah, my little one, you have been hurt,' he says. I laugh in spite of the tears. His concern for me brings more tears to my eyes. I quickly tell him I'm not hurt, just stunned and frightened and very glad it is all over with. 'It is all over with?' I ask. Thankfully, he says yes.

Gandalf says we must now go through Moria and no one questions this. Boromir says we must start out as soon as dawn comes - it will be good to see the dawn and to feel that perhaps there is something right in the world. I am hungry and that is good. In the battle, I never thought I would eat again.