Letters from Faramir

by Agape4Rivendell


Tent of Boromir of Gondor
c/o Celeborn, Lord O'Light
Flet # 17, Spruce Lane
Lothlorien Proper, Middle Earth

My brother,

I have not heard from you in days, but have heard the Horn of Gondor. Father would not let me follow the sound...so dim. He sent me off to Ithilien and sent others in my stead. I fear it is my destiny to have others go in my place. But a worse fear grows in my heart.

Where are you? Why did you blow the horn? It was not the clear notes of the heralding of the beginning of an adventure that I heard...rather, to my ears, it was the sharp cry of a fox caught in a trap. Three times I heard the call. Three times the breath was taken from my body. Three times I felt the warm breath of our mother on my cheek, telling me all would be well, the same way you oft told me, as I cried myself to sleep after her death, that all would be well.

Boromir - where are you, my brother? Please come back to me. I love you. I harbour no anger for your going on this journey in my place. You know I believe you went for my sake, not your own. Always my protector. Even with Father - I remember the times you would hold me and comfort me after Father would upbraid me for something that I had or had not done, whether to his purpose and satisfaction or no. Perhaps that is why the Valar gave you the dream too; they knew you wouldn't let me go to what you saw as my doom. And yet someone had to go. So, mayhap they gave the dream to you also, and you, as always, were able to talk Father into letting you go. Would that I had never had the accursed dream - never mentioned it to you!

My brother, I fear I have lost you. No word comes. And I am filled with despair. You spoke of despair in your letter. And yet I cannot see you in despair. You were always the one leading the battle, in play as children, and for Gondor, when grown. You were always the one championing my cause to Father. I know you had fears, even though you hid them from your little brother, but not despair - not the kind I see in our Father's eyes. The men would follow you anywhere; I would follow you anywhere.

What madness is this that would try to claim you? Oh Boromir, I beg you - know that your little brother loves you and believes in you and waits for your return.

Come quickly, dearest Brother, come quickly. Gondor needs you. I need you.