A Little Help from my Friends

by Pippinmerry

Chapter One: Frodo

Pippin Took looked over the balcony and across the city of Minas Tirith. He sighed and thought of his home in the Shire. Home seemed so far away yet it felt close in his heart. He heard the sound of footsteps behind him and he turned. In the archway stood Frodo Baggins. "Hello, Frodo." Pippin said before turning back to look over the city.

"Hello, Pippin." replied Frodo as he moved to stand next to him. "Thinking of home?"

"How could you tell?" Pippin looked up at his older cousin.

Frodo smiled. It was, perhaps, his first smile since being rescued from Mount Doom. "Because we’re all thinking of home." He placed his hand on the younger hobbit’s shoulder. "Even during everything, I worried about you the most, Pip."

Pippin looked up at Frodo again, which a slightly confused look on his face. Frodo had gone through so much, yet he thought of him the most. "What? You worried about me? How come?"

Frodo smiled again at his youngest cousin. "I don’t know, Pippin. I guess because I knew you would have to grow up the quickest of everyone. I mean, you aren’t even of age yet but since I’ve gotten back, you’re much wiser then hobbits twice your age."

Pippin looked over the balcony again, and placed his chin on his hands. "I wish I hadn’t. Everything will be different now. Everywhere I look, I see something that could’ve been lost. I doubt I’ll ever be the same."

This time, Frodo frowned at the smaller hobbit. He hadn’t wanted his cousin to lose his innocence. He loved the old Pippin. The Pippin who could find in joy in everything, even getting into trouble. The young hobbit had been through a lot in his life. His other sister, Pimpernel, had drowned when he was 14 while he stood helpless on the shore of the Brandywine River. Just a few weeks later, he made it his mission to learn how to swim and with the help of his other cousin, Merry, learned within a week. While his parents hadn’t blamed Pippin for the lose of their daughter, Pippin still felt guilty Despite all this, young Pippin was still the same child he’d always been, causing trouble, and making everyone around him smile, even when he was in pain. Somehow though, being away from home for this long and seeing death and destruction, feeling pain and sorrow, and having killed several times, Pippin had grown up. A little too soon for Frodo’s taste.

"I think I’d miss the old you." he said, looking down at Pippin who in turn looked up at him. He leaned forward and kissed the younger hobbits curls before pulling him in for a hug. "I wish this had never happened. Or at least that you had stayed behind. I was always worrying that Sam and I would come back and find you gone."

"Frodo, you know that if Merry was going, I was going too. Nothing could have stopped me. And I wasn’t going anywhere. At least not until I knew you were ok. I mean, what fun could I have in the Shire without you to go to when Merry and I get in trouble and have to hide for a few hours?"

Frodo smiled and kissed Pippin again. "You’re still the same old Pip. You haven’t changed."

"What do you mean?"

"You still know how to make someone smile and that’s what I would’ve missed the most about you. That and your smile. The way that, no matter how you were feeling, you could still make others around you happy. Not the trouble you and Merry cause up and down the Shire. As long as you still have that rare talent of spreading joy, you’ll always be Pippin."

Pippin bite his lip as if in deep concentration. "Yes, I guess you’re right." He smiled broadly at Frodo and the two of them turned their gaze to the city of Minas Tirth, while their thoughts turned to home.