Eomer and Legolas

by Peregrine

Chapter 1

With the pale light of dawn beginning to filter through the high windows, Legolas gripped his sword. Moments earlier Gimli had charged out of sight to sound the great horn somewhere high above. Theoden and the remaining men mounted up upon spirited stallions. Aragorn sat tall upon Brego. Legolas was mounted beside him upon his white stallion, Arod.

"Forth, Eoringlas!" Theoden cried. Even as the doors before them burst open to admit a roaring crowd of Uruks, the horn of Helm Hammerhand rang forth, shaking dust from the rafters above. The horses reared and charged into the black mass before them. Monsters fell back in alarm, shocked that resistance yet stood within the walls of the fortress.

Theoden upon his horse was first out the door, with Gamling charging swiftly after. Spears were two long for such close combat and in the dim morning light, swords flashed and hacked.

Aragorn came bolting after, shouting as he cut. Legolas rode beside him, his bow useless to him now. Instead he cut and stabbed at the black flood that surrounded him and Arod. Uruks fell back at his wrath, but there were always more.

Again the great stone horn sounded again, causing creatures of evil to quail back in fear. But Men and Elf charged forward with renewed hope and fury, bent on riding themselves of this plague once and for all.

But there were many more left than they had feared. Swarms of the foul creatures yet stood below the stone ramp, waiting the foolish riders to come barreling into their midsts.

And in that moment Legolas caught sight of a pale figure mounted atop a pale horse. The horse and rider stood tall upon the steed hill that sheltered Helm's Deep. And even as he looked on, Shadowfax reared and Gandalf raised his staff in greeting. Not a moment later, a second rider appeared beside him. It was Eomer! And with him came two thousand others, all set to destroy Saruman's army below.

"To the King!" Eomer shouted, his voice carrying far upon the wind. With Shadowfax and Gandalf at his side, Eomer plunged down the steep slope, gravel kicking up in their wake. Two thousand more ran after them and a cataract of men and horses fell down the hill, racing for the horde.

The Uruks turned to defend, but it was useless. For even as the mass approached, the sun rose beyond them and the army of Isengard was struck blind.

With shouts of victory, Eomer and his men, along with Gandalf, leaped into the ranks of Uruks and plunged mighty weapons into them. Legolas, Aragorn, Theoden and the remaining men of Helm's Deep joined them and it was not long ere the orcs bolted away in terror, leaving the fortress of Rohan to Men once more.

Away they ran, right into a dire wood that had not been there before. And Men and Dwarf and Elf watched in horrified amazement as the trees roared and groaned and shook with much fury. Of the orcs fleeing within there was no sign, but the shrieks quelled any desire to investigate further.


Eomer pulled the helmet from his head and urged his horse forward to stand beside Theoden. The King smiled upon his nephew and reached across the clasp arms with the young man.

"It is good to see you again, Eomer." He said. "Very good, indeed."

Eomer laughed and couched his spear.

"Indeed, my lord, I can believe that."

Aragorn and Legolas rode up to join the two. Arod once again bore double, Gimli having come down from the topmost ramparts of the fortress to fight. Eomer caught sight of the three and his eyes widened slightly in mild surprise.

"I must say, I am most surprised to see the three of you here, fighting for Rohan." He said, looking especially upon Legolas and Gimli--who were not even Men. "Did you find your friends?"

"No." Aragorn said, casting an eye towards Gandalf yet roaming the battle grounds. "But we are assured that they yet live, and that they are in safe hands."

"That is good to hear. I should one day like to meet these halfling friends of yours. They sound as though they are good company."

"Indeed they are." Legolas smiled. "And though they drink and eat much, they laugh more and they are merry creatures."

"You, Elf, I do not recall your name." Eomer said, looking upon the blond Elf with curious eyes.

"I am Legolas Greenleaf. I come from the woodland realm of Mirkwood. My father is king of those who dwell within."

"Prince Legolas, then!" Eomer blinked in surprise. "And your Dwarven companion, I do not remember your name either, though I do know that you and I very nearly came to blows."

"I am Gimli." The bearded fellow barked. "And it would do you some good to remember it!"

Eomer laughed and shook his head.

"I should think so, Master Gimli. Now come. I would feast and speak with all of you. Also, I should like to know how a stranger from the north, an Elf lord and a Dwarf come to fight side by side with the King of Rohan and my uncle."

And so Theoden, Eomer, Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn retired to the halls of Helm's Deep where they would eat and drink and speak long upon many things. Gandalf came in later, to. And it was here that a long-lasting friendship between Eomer and Legolas would come into being.