Daughter of Kings

by Evermind

Chapter One: Bealocwealm

Eowyn, daughter of Eomund was seven years old when they brought her father back dead. She was a slight child, with a solemn face and penetrating grey eyes. On that day, she  had been playing outside the house with her brother, Eomer.
Eomer was eleven years old at the time, tall for his age, and sturdy, with the golden hair and blue eyes of the royal
house of Eorl.

As their elder cousin Theodred rode up to them, he held something in his arms, slung across the front of his saddle. It was a man, their father, and he was dead. Orc arrows stuck from beneath his brazen surcoat, and his golden hair, stained with blood, clung limply to his pale, bloodied face. Eomer's face drained of blood, and he swept his sister into his arms, holding her close, in such a way that she could not see the burden that Theodred bore. . Eowyn struggled against him, fighting the truth she did not want to believe.

She heard his voice, start to scream, crying to their father. And, feeling despair sweep through her, Eowyn too began to cry, fighting her brother and screaming with him. Eowyn heard the footsteps of her mother Theodwyn, heard her small cry of surprise and fear. The weeping of Theodred, the cries of her brother. And then came a sound that Eowyn ever remembered. A low, keening wail. She could not see, for her brother's hand was over her eyes, but she heard and understood with her whole being, as her mother's voice began to lament, crying out the chant that was kept solely for times of funeral.

"Bealocwealm hafalth freone frecan forth onsended... "

An evil death has set forth the great warrior. And  Eowyn realised then that her father would not return.  That was the first song that Eowyn ever learnt.  She sang it herself at Theodwyn's own funeral, but two months later.