Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Samwisegirl

Original Inkling Challenge from Samwisegirl: Middle Earth Wrestling

SWG: “Ahem.........”

Samwisegirl taps her microphone.

SWG: “Is this thing on? Oh, we’re live right now?”

*clears throat*

SWG: “This is Samwisegirl reporting live from the Fangorn arena at the middle earth WWF (that’s world wrestling federation for you uninformed types). We have a very special treat for you folks in the coming days. It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the head of the middle earth WWF...... Treebeard!”

*Treebeard slooooowly makes his way to the podium, hroooming the entire way.*

SWG: “Welcome Treebeard! I do believe you have an announcement to make?”

Treebeard: “Hroom. Ahhhh, yes. I do. The Entmoot has decided some entertainment regular peoples visiting middle earth. We have agreed.......................*long pause* have matches between two display their practice their fighting techniques...........for the upcoming.........war. Yes, it affects us all.”

SWG: “Uh, yeah, thanks Treebeard for that longwinded, I mean enlightening announcement. Well, folks, it looks like we will be having some matches here in the upcoming days or weeks. Hear ye, hear ye, if anyone would like to participate, please sign up now.”

* The crowd goes wild, anticipating the thrill of the contests. The orcs pound their chests in excitement; the uruks grin slyly at one another, already placing their bets; the hobbits wonder if they will even be allowed to participate due to size requirements; the dwarves shake their fists at the orcs; the elves look upon the scene with disdain for “entertainment sports”; the men gather together to figure out what costumes they will wear*

SWG: “I’ve just received important news people. Settle down. Our judges for the matches have been determined. I’m pleased to announce that our judges will be .......Gandalf the Grey, oh wait, excuse me, Gandalf the White, and Sauruman of many colors.”

* The two wizards make their way to the podium, glaring at each other the entire time*

Gandalf: “Ahh, thank you Samwisegirl. It is a pleasure to be here. I believe that we were chosen to be judges based on our ah…*ahem* …diplomatic skills. Or at least I was!”

*Gandalf leans on his “walking stick” and winks at SWG. She giggles and then points the microphone at Sauruman*

Sauruman: “Do we have to get into this now?” *whispering and glaring at Gandalf*

SWG: “Now, boys, play nice. We can’t have out judges fighting, can we?” *SWG pats both wizards on the arm*

SWG: “Now back to the sign-up. Come on middle-earthlings, display your skills. Show your fans what you are made of!”

*A group of creatures rush the podium, jostling each other to sign up for what may be the biggest event in middle earth since the defeat of Sauron*

SWG: *reads aloud from the sign-up sheet* “Well, this is quite a list! OK, folks here it is. The following matches will take place:

Aragorn vs Lurtz
Legolas vs Gimli
Arwen vs Eowyn
Cave Troll vs The Balrog
Smeagol vs Gollum
Frodo/Merry vs Sam/Pippin (tag-team)
Ugluk vs Grishnah
Eomer vs Grima
Theoden vs Denethor
Boromir vs Faramir
Bilbo Baggins vs Lobelia Sacksville-Baggins
Elrond vs Isildur
Shelob vs. an Oliphaunt the final match.......whomever wins the previous matches will be pitted against The Dark Lord Sauron in a free for all battle royale!”

*SWG waits for the crowd to silence before making her final announcement*

SWG: “Attention all inklingers! I need your help. I need a referee for each match, so pick your pair, and inkle away. Remember that YOU must be the referee for the pair you pick, so pick wisely! You will be in the ring with them. You must also include the judges commentary as well. You will be the one reporting live from this arena, so make sure you get every last detail of the match, and announce your winner fair and square! Note: this is WWF wrestling, so pretty much anything goes. You can even disqualify your pair if you so choose, or double team, or whatever you can think of! We can even do re-matches if more than one writer wants the same pair. Have fun and be creative! ”