Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Samwisegirl

Middle Earth Wrestling Update #3

“Greetings wrestling fans! This is Samwisegirl reporting live from Fangorn arena. I have with me the winners of the most recent matches: Eowyn of Rohan, Peregrine, Faramir, Eomer, Ugluk along with Treebeard, and Samwisegirl (hey wait that’s me!) along with Sauruman and Celeborn. First let’s talk with Eowyn. So, Eowyn, how does it feel to defeat an elf?”

Eowyn: “Not just any elf! I kicked some royal you-know-what! I AM a shieldmaiden of Rohan you know.” Eowyn flicks her hair and bats her eyelashes at Faramir, who sighs heavily

SWG: “Faramir, got something to share with the rest of the class?”

Faramir: “Uhhhhh....” looks at Elvenstar in the crowd with a longing look “No. Nothing to say, other than I won that match fair and square. I really showed my quality.”

SWG: rolls her eyes “Yeah. AGAIN. Thanks Faramir. Now onto Peregrine. Oh Peregrine dear, do you have any special skills that allowed you to defeat Gollum? Peregrine? PEREGRINE!”

Peregrine is in the crowd, surrounded by hobbits, and a certain elf named Legolas. They are in awe of her win over Gollum. Especially Sam, who thanks her profusely, since he didn’t want to win, AGAIN.

SWG: “Oh, never mind! Eomer, howzabout you? How do you feel finally getting back at Grima after all these years of him chasing after your sister?”

Eomer: “Well, m’lady, I did not stand alone up there. Tori*Took was with me. She gave me the courage to fight!”

SWG: “OK......but I thought she was hanging out with Pippin the whole time?” Eomer looks distraught “Oh, forget it Eomer! Gosh, you studly men are always waaaay to serious! Jeez!”

Saruman: “Why do we have to have these updates anyway? This is sooooo boring. When are we gonna have another match?”

SWG: hits Saruman upside the head with the microphone Quiet, Shark-Boy! This is MY inkling challenge. MINE! My Own!” Frodo giggles insanely from the audience “Well why even bother talking to Ugluk and Treebeard! That fight was fixed! Treebeard shouldn’t have helped. Unfair!”

Treebeard: “Hhhrrrrroooom. Well........long pause........…..I don’t really have............longer pause.........anything to say about that. hides money behind his back

Ugluk: “What’s not fair about it? That jerk Grishnah deserved to die! And now he’s dead. Seems pretty fair to me! Besides, he was gonna eat those hobbits, and as we all know..........”

*The whole audience chimes in unison* “THEY ARE NOT FOR EATING!”

Ugluk: “Right!” folds arms across his chest and looks superior

SWG: sighs heavily Well, Celeborn just left (bored, I think?), and I just knocked Saruman out with my microphone, so I can’t really thank them for helping me win my match against Galadriel. I can thank Tori*Took though!” makes mental note to send the fool of a took a nice fruit basket
“Anyway, that’s all for this update from Fangorn arena! We still have a few more matches to go!
Theoden vs Denethor
Cave Troll vs the Balrog
Shelob vs the Oliphaunt
And the 4 hobbit tag team!(Frodo/Merry vs Sam/Pippin)

G’night folks! This is SWG. Signing off.” Gimli drags SWG out of the arena