Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Samwisegirl

UPDATE #2: Middle Earth wrestling challenge

“Greetings wrestling fans! This is Samwisegirl reporting live from Fangorn arena with the latest update on our wrestling winners. I have here with me Isildur, Aragorn, and the Oliphaunt. I would like to take a moment and share a few words with the winners.”

SWG: “Isildur, come over here. How do you feel about beating the pants off of Elrond Half-elven?”

Isildur: leering “I feel great about it, honey-bunch! What say we go out on the town and celebrate? I have this here Ring see, which makes me all powerful.” Isildur looks for the Ring, and realizes he no longer possesses it. Panicked, he sees Frodo in the audience, showing off the Ring to a group of girls wearing “We love Lij” T-shirts “I’ll be right back, sweetums.” Isildur dashes off in pursuit of Frodo.

SWG: “OK…..Ummmmm...thank god he’s gone. Now, Aragorn.” SWG bats her eyelashes at the king of Gondor, while Gimli sits off to the side, fuming and tapping his foot

Aragorn: takes SWG’s hand and kisses it “Well, m’lady, it was quite easy. Good always triumphs over evil. And I am good. So, therefore, I will always win.”

SWG: alternating between giggles and hyperventilating panting Yes, you are good, alright! OK, now onto the Oliphaunt. Uhhh..…..where is he?”

The Oliphaunt comes crashing into the arena, and comes over towards SWG., who is shaking like a leaf.

Gimli: “I’ll protect ya lass!” Gimli jumps up to the podium and shields SWG from the Oliphaunt. The Oliphaunt picks up the dwarf and tosses him into the crowd.

Sauruman runs out of his dressing room, hair in curlers, and mudmask on his face, just in time to see the display

Sauruman: “YES! Now THAT’S what I call a wrestling match!”

SWG: “Oh, shut up, and get back to your beauty routine! Well I guess that’s the end of our interviews for this evening! Remember, we still have the following matches:
Arwen vs Eowyn
Cave Troll vs The Balrog
Ugluk vs Grishnah
Eomer vs Grima
Theoden vs Denother
Shelob vs the Oliphaunt (if the Oliphaunt feels up to the challenge)
Smeagol vs Gollum (should be interesting!)
And the 4 hobbit tag team match: Frodo/Merry vs Sam/Pippin

That’s all for now. G’night everyone!” SWG rushes into the crowd, concerned about her beloved dwarf.