Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Samwisegirl

UPDATE: Middle Earth wrestling challenge

"Greetings, wrestling fans! This is Samwisegirl, reporting live from the Fangorn arena with an update on our wrestling winners. I have with me Faramir of Gondor; Gimli, son of Gloin; Frodo and Bilbo Baggins; and Samwise Gamgee. We still have many matches to go!

I'd like to take a moment and congratulate the winners so far, if I may. Faramir, how do you feel about your win?"

Faramir: "Well, I do believe I have shown my quality. Boromir was a clumsy, stupid oaf, and he deserved to die."

SWG: "Ummmm.......yeah. Thanks Faramir. Your quality has definitely been shown with that remark. OK, our next winner." SWG gets all flustered and blushing "Gimli, how do you feel right now, being the big, strong, handsome winner that I always knew you were?"

Gimli: "I feel grrrrreat lass! Gimme a rematch! I'll take that elf again! I'll take 'em all!" Gimli grabs SWG and gives her a big kiss

SWG: dazed "Wow! What a guy. Uhhhh......where were we? Oh yes, our next winner. Um,winners. Frodo, Bilbo what do you two have to say for yourselves?"

Bilbo: "I knew I could count on my boy to step in and lend me a hand. But he didn't have to hit me so hard!"*rubs knot on back of head*

SWG: "Well, that wasn't really fair was it? HE actually won the match, not you Bilbo."

Frodo: "It's my win. MINE! My own!"

SWG: "Yeah, great. OK, Sam? How about you dear? How do you feel?"

Sam: "Well, beggin' your pardon Ma'am, I don't really feel like talking. I'm stiff and sore, and I abhore violence. They made me do it! Gollum is a stinker, but I didn't want to hurt him any." Sam begins to cry

SWG: pats Sam on the shoulder "There, there, dear. Maybe Rosie will give you a massage later." Sam stops crying "Well, folks, that's all I have for now. Please join us for the next match, wherever and whenever that may be. Good day and have a pleasant tomorrow. This is Samwisegirl, signing off."