Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Tori*Took

Middle Earth Wrestling! Grima vs. Eomer......See the match now!!! 

Tori*Took shoves the fainted Elvenstar out of the ring.

Tori: "Wizards? Who are out next contestants?"

Gandalf eagerly picks up his papers and reads: "Eomer and Grima....This should be good!"
Saruman: "You say that about all of them you Old Kook....The only ones that come close are the last two, the women and the sweaty smelly rangers. I'm starting to not believe you when you say it's going to be good....wait a sec, starting to? Oh yeah, that's right...I NEVER DID!"
Gandalf: "I sense sarcasm in your voice."
Saruman: "Dripping with it."

Tori stands there with her arms crossed and tapping her foot "Are you two going to announce our next wrestlers or what?"

Gandalf: "Ok...Shark-boy, you can annouce your worm, I'll annouce Eomer."
Saruman: "He's not my worm."
Gandalf: "Whatever."

Tori steps out of the ring and sits down in between Merry and Pippin...but doesn't pay much attention to Merry.....

Gandalf: (in his annoucer voice) "In this corner, We have the Heir to the thrown of Rohan, who is bent on keeping nasty slug-like creatures away from his sister, EOMER!"

Eomer struts out in his Rohirrim armour, though, no helmet. He is waving and blowing kisses. Hobbitlove, who is sitting in the crowd, 'catches' one and sighs, "Karl!".....the hobbits around her give her this look that says "Are you on something?" So she quickly says, "Oh, I mean, um, Eomer!"

Saruman, very "enthusiasticly", says: "And then in this corner, we have that nasty slug-like creature, Grima Wormtongue."

Grima slinks out with his rag and nasty black robes to boos and a few hisses. He glares at the crowd. Saruman is laughing as the crowd starts throwing rotton vegetables at him and Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Tori throw apple cores. He quickly shuts up when Grima gives him 'the look' (Though Gandalf still heard a few snickers)

They got into their designated corners and glared at each other. Eowyn was massaging Eomer's shoulders, giving him advice as he streached....Wormtounge tried getting her attention so he could motion for her to do the same for him. Tori*Took throws another core at the bell, which makes it ding, and the match begins.

Wormtongue: "Why do you try, Eomer son of Eomund? You know what I am capable know I have the power to get rid of you."

Eomer: "Can it slime-ball. You're powerless with out Saruman, and even then he glanced at Saruman, who was already snoring...quite loudly You do not have much against me."

Gandalf plugged up Saruman's nose. Saruman turned quite blue and woke up. "Is he dead yet?" he said, looking around.

Gandalf rolls eyes: "No, but you may want to watch the beating take place."

Saruman: "Yeah, sure, if someone decides to actually fight!"

Grima noticed Eowyn was watching this quite intently and he winked at her.....she ran out and witnesses say she was heard hurling in the rest room.

Eomer made the first move. He did a karate-style kick right in the shnoze. Wormtongue fell back into the side and used it to catapult himself at Eomer, who, when Grima got close enough, caught him and flipped him onto his back on the floor. He then body slammed him, then started to pound on his face.

Saruman started to laugh.

Wormtongue weakly snapped his fingers and two, big, muscley guys grabbed Eomer from behind and held onto his arms. Grima got up and slapped his face.

Grima: "You have no control over your sister. You cannot lock her in a cage, forcing her away from who she truly loves."

Eomer laughed. "Yeah, like that's really you."

Grima looked over to her and blew a kiss. She ducked then looked over to Faramir and gave him a big, loooooooong kiss. Grima winced and Faramir seemed to enjoy it. Eomer took that chance to 'pull a Legolas' and hit each body gaurd with his fist, making them fall out of the ring. He then kicked Grima in a very, *ahem* painful spot. Wormtongue fell to his knees.

By this time, Saruman was rolling on the floor, laughing till his beared turned blue. Gandalf was trying hard not to laugh, but it wasn't working too well.

Eomer, while kicking Grima profusely, "YOU *kick* STAY *kick* AWAY *kick* FROM *kick* MY *kick* SISTER!"

Grima was sprawled on the ground, not moving. Eomer looked around, waiting for Tori, who was busy, it seemed, giggling and flirting with Pip. Gandalf took the microphone and said in a very deep voice, "Mushrooooooooms" Tori looked around, as did Merry and Pippin and she saw Eomer standing tall in the ring, next to a fallen down Wormtongue. She lept up into the ring and stood ontop of Grima, in order to reach high enough to hold Eomer's arm up high.


The crowd went wild. Tori ran off to join Pippin (and Merry). As Eomer walked out of the ring, he was greeted by many fans who carried him above thier heads, out of the building. Wormtounge crawled away, and tried stopping Eowyn on the way out, turning on his 'charm' and asking her to a victory dinner. Eowyn spat on him and asked "What victory? You lost, ya dork!" Faramir caught up to her before she left and asked, "So, how about a victory dinner? It seems both of us have won, and your brother has too." He gave her a cheesy, but charming smile. She was a bit skeptical at first, but then agreed.

Gandalf: "Now I saw you laughing. You have to addmit, that was pretty good."
Saruman, who was wiping away tears from laughter: "Good? That was awesome! The slime-bucket got his butt kicked and was spat on by a girl! What could be better?"

The wizards exited to go get food, and the last person left in the building was the janitor, who was busy cleaning up the gunk Wormtongue left in the ring.