Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Tori*Took

A special surprise wrestling match! Who will get the dwarf? Galadriel or Samwisegirl??
See the match now!!! GALADRIEL VS. SAMWISEGIRL!!! (with a special thanks to Samwisegirl herself for the permission)

Tori*Took hops into the ring. "Good evening folks! Tonight I have for you a specially chosen pair to fight in the match tonight! (Gandalf searches wildly through his papers, thinking that he should have been notified)

As we all know, when Gimli first layed eyes upon the Lady of the Wood, he instantly fell in love. Well, since then, although she is married, Galadriel has developed a soft spot for Gimli, son of Gloin. So her, and our very own, Samwisegirl, have been competing since then, for the heart of this dwarf. Well, tonight, we have a special treat for you all. Lady Galadriel and Samwisegirl are going to fight! Yes, that's right folks, you will see, here and now, the match of a life time!

In our first corner, we have the Lady of the Goldenwood, Queen of Lothlorien, and wife to Celeborn, GALADRIEL!"

Galadriel gently glides out into the ring. She sees Gimli in the crowd (who is sitting next Celeborn) and she blows him a kiss. Celeborn glares at Gimli.

Tori: "And in this corner, we have a Prancing Pony patron, Writer in Middle Earth, whose heart has also been captured by Professor Autro, and Maiden name is....SAMWISEGIRL!"

SWG skips out and smiles at Gimli. She glares at Galadriel.

Tori: "We will begin when the judges are ready."

Gandalf and Saruman exchanged a glance. Saruman layed his head down and closed his eyes. Gandalf knew that meant he was ready so Gandalf said he was too.

The bell dinged and the match began.

Samwisegirl (glaring): "Who do you think you are? Queen of the world?"

Galadriel: "Yeah. Pretty much close to it anyway."

Samwisegirl jumped at her. Galadriel pushed her out of the way. Galadriel tried to charge her but she tripped on her own gown. SWG started laughing and she kicked her while she was down. "You're married, you dunce! You can't have two men!"

Galadriel got up. "I don't need two! Celeborn doesn't need me! And I don't need him!"

Celeborn sat up straight in disbelief, then turned, looking like he was going to start his own WWF against the dwarf. Gimli acted quickly and said, "Hey, you can have her! You just have to make sure she loses." Celeborn thought a while, then got up and left; it was all a part of his plan.

Galadriel put Samwisegirl in a head lock, have the height advantage. SWG twisted around and bit her. Galadriel shrieked and pulled away.

At this point, Celeborn came back in, carrying a round-shapped thing in a cloth bag. He quietly walked over to the judges table and woke Saruman up. He whispered something in his ear and Saruman got a smile on his face and said something as if he agreed. Celeborn went to sit back down next to Gimli.

Gimli: "What was that all about?"
Celeborn grinned. "You'll see."

As Samwisegirl and Galadriel continued to fight, Saruman took the round-shaped thing out of the bag. It was a palantir. He stared intently into it and Gandalf too, became mesmorized. Suddenly a big giant eye appeared above the ring and made Galadriel stop what she was doing and stare into it. This gave Samwisegirl the chance to punch her in the gut, but Galadriel didn't seem to mind. The eye stopped "Talking" and Galadriel nodded. Then, in sort of a 'zombied way' she walked over to where Celeborn was seated and kissed him. She then dragged him out of the room. Before he left, Celeborn turned around and grinned at Gimli. "Nice one Cele....smoooooth...."

Tori, who by now was very much taken aback, climbed up into the ring and said, "Well, um...I guess technically, Celeborn and Saruman are the real winners..." Gimli picked up his ax, so Tori quickly added, "But it really is Samwisegirl's win. So here is the winner, SAMWISEGIRL!" She got a huge applause. Gimli ran up into the ring. He shook Tori*Took's hand then dragged SWG out of the area. Tori stood there for a minute, trying to make sense of it all when Saruman called her over.

Saruman: "What do you mean Samwisegirl's win? I did it! It was me! She won because of me!"

Tori: "Can it, Sharkey. You're just a judge." Then she added with a grin, "I'll give you and Celeborn second place."

Saruman: "Ok, It'll do."

Gandalf still looked around for a paper to explain it all.

Saruman, rolling his eyes: "Dude, the match is over...don't worry about it!"

Gandalf: sigh "Ok, anyway, how was that match?"

Saruman: "Really, really, EXTREMELY boring....except for the last part where I won the match! And brought my nifty cool pal, Sauron into it too."

Gandalf rolls his eyes: "Yeah, whatever."

Saruman sticks out his tounge: "Your just mad cause you didn't win any matches, or help at I did...Wasn't I awesome!?"

Gandalf: "Yeah, you keep thinking that...."