Inkling Challenge: Middle Earth Wrestling

by Tori*Took

Middle Earth Wrestling! Eowyn vs. Arwen...who will get the man?...see it now!!! 

Gandalf watches as the crew continues to clean up the mess. He looks at the sheet of who is up next and reads aloud:
"Arwen vs. Eowyn" he laughs "This should be good."

Saruman: "How? Girls don't know anything about wrestling...this is going to be soooooo boring."

Gandalf: "That's what you think."

When everyone was finally back to their seats, Tori*Took hopped up into the ring.

Tori: Alright everyone! Let's get ready for our next contestants. A match that will cover all the matches! In our first corner we have an Elf of Rivendell, bent on keeping her man from any other woman, ARWEN EVENSTAR!

The crowd goes wild as this slim, flowing elf gently hops up on stage. She is wearing spandex shorts and a yellow, spaghetti strap tank top. All the men are cat-calling and all the girls sitting next to thoes men are elbowing them in the ribs.

Tori: And in this corner, we have a shield maiden of Rohan, who spent some time with Arwen's man and now is willing to do anything to get him from her, EOWYN, SISTER-DAUGHTER OF THEODEN!

Saruman snorts. "What a stupid name. It doesn't even roll off the tounge."

Eowyn walks out in kick-butt, tight black flares and a blue tank top. She gets some applause but not as much. Her hair is pulled up. She steps lightly onto the stage and blows a kiss to Aragorn. Arwen glares at her.

Aragorn to Faramir: "I bet you twenty bucks my girl wins."
Faramir: "I don't know about that. Eowyn looks pretty feisty. It's a bet!"
Aragorn: "Ya know, Faramir, you can have her if you want. I already have a girl, and then you'll be able to rub it into Boromir."
Faramir: "Yeah, if Eowyn will have me." He sighs and rolls his eyes.

Tori: Remember ladies, anything goes! She steps out of the ring and dings the bell.

The circle each one another, waiting for the other to make the first move. Saruman snores and Gandalf nudges him in the ribs.

Arwen, in a shriek-y voice: "HE'S MY MAN!!!" and she lunges at Eowyn, who sticks her hand out to Arwen's forehead and stops her.

Eowyn: "Please. He's not even your same race! You know he would rather be with his own kind- meaning me!"

Arwen reached out and twisted Eowyn's arm around. Arwen then took her leg underneath Eowyn's foot and brought her to the floor. She sneered at Eowyn.

Eowyn grabbed onto Arwen's ankle and yanked. Arwen fell to the floor. "Aren't Elves were soposed to be graceful?"
She laughed as she stood up and kicked the Elf. Arwen hopped up and reached her leg up. She kicked Eowyn in the stomach, which made her fall back to the side. Arwen turned her back to blow kisses to the guys. Eowyn jumped on her back and grabbed her hair in both fists, pulling with all her might. Arwen screamed.

Saruman: "Whoa, is that allowed?"
Gandalf: "You bet it is! Ain't this great? I'd say it's better than when thier man was fighting."
Saruman just nodded his head and continued staring.

Arwen then, with Eowyn still on her back, flipped her over her head and slammed her onto the floor. Faramir sat up straight with a concerned look and Aragorn started laughing.

Tori rushes over and slams the floor. "1...2......." Eowyn pushes her out of the way. "Let me at her." Eowyn stands in the corner and glares at Arwen, who is smiling oh-so-sweetly at her. "Why don't you jump off a cliff, you primping elf?"

Arwen: "Cause it won't kill me!"

Eowyn throws a punch at Arwen's face. She looks down at her fist and notices a lipstick mark. She rolls her eyes just in time to see Arwen jump on top of her, attemting to strangle her. Eowyn bites her and Arwen jumps back off.

Arwen slaps Eowyn in the face then suddenly exclaims "AHH!!! OH MY GOSH ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!" She's looking down at her hand.

Eowyn sneers: "Sorry dear, did you break a nail?"

Arwen, with tears, says very hatefuly, "He still loves me, you know."

Eowyn: "I'm sure he does." She rolls her eyes and Arwen runs off to go fix her nail.

Tori: "Arwen! If you don't come back here, Eowyn will win!"

Aragorn now, sits up straight, eyes bugging out of his head. Faramir is laughing his head off.

Aragorn, calling after Arwen: "You can fix it later! get back in the ring! Please sweetie?"
Arwen: "Aw, shove it, Ranger. Forget the match, this is more important!"

Tori*Took raises Eowyn's arm up. "THE WINNER IS EOWYN!" The crowd goes wild. Saruman cat-calls and Gandalf stares at him in disbelief. Saruman shrugs. Faramir holds out is hand and smiles as Aragorn digs out his money. Aragorn then runs out after Arwen. Eowyn attemps to follow but is pulled back by Faramir. "You know he doesn't love you." She looks longingly after Aragorn then back at Faramir. "Yeah, whatever." He dips her into a looong kiss. She slaps him.

Saruman: "I've never seen cat fights quite as cool as that one! Eowyn really kicked butt!"
Gandalf: "Yeah. You should see her with a sword!